WCC is held by World Federation of Societies for Chronobiology (WFSC). The purpose of the Federation is to strive, in all countries, to promote education and the attainment of the highest level of knowledge and understanding in the field of chronobiology. Chinese Society for Biological Rhythms (CSCB-CSBR) will co-host this event with WFSC. CSCB-CSBR has a large scope of experts of around 100 groups in more than 40 institutes in China, from microorganisms, botany, animal science, physics and mathematics etc., with their contributions to scientific community but also by social influences. Our goal is to organize a scientifically vibrant meeting that advances our knowledge of biological rhythms by top presentations and by lively discussions. The over-arching theme of the conference will be “Chronobiology: Translation Opportunities and Challenges”

Call for paper

Topics of submission

1 – Mechanisms Underlying Sleep Controls
2 – Translational Chronobiology
3 – New Insights into Clock Input: from Retina to SCN
4 – Consequences of Circadian Disturbance
5 – Epigenetic/Transcriptional Layers Around the Clock
6 – Molecular Regulators in Controlling Timing
7 – Relevance of Circadian Clock and Cognition and Performance
8 – Interactions between the Clock and Metabolism
9 – Molecular Architecture of circadian clocks
10 – Effects of Circadian Systems on Sleep and Health
11 – Circuits Wiring the Circadian Clocks
12 – Aschoff Honma Foundation Symposium
13 – Crosstalk Controls of Circadian Clock and Nutrition
14 – Circadian Misalignment and Diseases
15 – Clocks in Nature: Seasonal and Field Timing
16 – Understanding the Human Circadian Properties


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    25 Apr.



    27 Apr.


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