The 20th National Electrochemistry Meeting (China), which is sponsored by Professional Board of Chinese Society of Electrochemistry, hosted by Central South University, and co-organized by Hunan University, Xiangtan University and Changsha University of Science & Technology, will be held in Changsha from October 25th to 28th, 2019. The theme of this conference is 'Electrochemistry promotes industrial development'.

The National Electrochemical Meeting, held every two years, is the largest and most influential exchange platform of electrochemistry in China. Focused on the fundamental, application, and cutting-edge problems in the development of electrochemistry science and technology, this meeting will comprehensively exhibit the latest research progress in the field of electrochemistry in China and deeply explore the opportunities, challenges and the future directions of development in electrochemistry. This conference aims to boost the development and progress of electrochemistry in China and strengthen research cooperation and transfer of technology, thereby advancing the application of electrochemistry science and technology in energy, environment, materials and other important fields and realizing the sustainable development of the human society.

The conference will set up a variety of symposiums around the theme of the conference, including basic theory and methods, nanomaterial electrochemistry, lithium (sodium) ion batteries, next-generation batteries, flow batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, electrocatalysis, electroanalysis and bioelectrochemistry, solar cells and photoelectrochemistry, resources and environmental electrochemical, organic and industrial electrification, together with more than ten parallel theme sessions and four special forums, such as the Electrochemical Education Teaching Forum, the Young Scientists Forum, the Electrochemical Industry Forum, and the International Electrochemical Forum (English). The communication forms include plenary lecture, parallel session keynote speech, invited talk, oral presentation and poster presentation. There are also exhibitions of products and instruments as well as seminars on new technologies of electrochemical instruments. Now we are accepting academic papers from the electrochemists and you're welcome to make your scientific contributions. We warmly welcome colleagues from industry and academia, from China and from abroad to attend this conference.


2019-10-24 星期四

2019-10-25 星期五


2019-10-26 星期六

2019-10-27 星期日

2019-10-28 星期一



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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2019-08-01

Abstract submission deadline:2019-08-01

Call for paper description

Authors are invited to submit an abstract not longer than two pages in Chinese or English, including figures, tables and reference. The abstracts should highlight the innovation of your research and should be written in succinct and accurate language. The conference website will open for abstract submission on 1st March 2019.

Topics of submission

1 .电化学基础理论与方法

2 .纳米与材料电化学

3 .锂离子电池

4 .钠离子电池

5 .多价金属离子电池

6 .燃料电池

7 .锂硫电池

8 .固态电池

9 .金属空气电池

10. 超级电容器

11 .液流电池

12 .水系二次电池

13 .电催化

14 .电分析与生物电化学

15 .太阳能及光电化学

16 .资源与环境电化学

17 .有机与工业电化学

18 .电化学教育教学论坛

19 .电化学产业论坛

20 .青年科学家论坛

21 .国际电化学论坛CSE-ECS joint symposium on Energy and Environment


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