Sciences Behind Gemstone Treatments

As high quality gemmy materials directly from natural sources depleting over the years, gem treatments, using heat or other techniques, are very common in many gem materials nowadays.  This session focuses on methodology, results and detecting techniques of treatments on gem materials, including but not limited to: heat treatment, high-pressure-high-temperature treatment, radiation treatment, impregnation, ion implantation, microwave annealing, laser annealing, laser drilling, multilayer coating and so on.  Any other gemstone related subject is also welcome.

This website is specifically set up to facilitate the process of collecting manuscripts for the special issue of the Journal of Gems and Gemology.  Please use this website for submitting your manuscript.  Thank you!



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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2019-04-30

Final paper submission deadline:2019-07-31

Call for paper description

We want your paper!  As a special issue in the Journal of Gems and Gemology, please send your manuscript to this website by 30th of April, 2019.  It will be reviewed by a panel of specialists and the final revision is due on 31st of July, 2019.  The final production will be available to all participants before the end of the year for free.

Topics of submission

including but not limited to:

heat treatment

high-pressure-high-temperature treatment

radiation treatment, impregnation

ion implantation

microwave annealing

laser annealing, laser drilling

multilayer coating and so on.

Any other gemstone related subject is also welcome.


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