The second international symposium on two-dimensional transition metal carbide (MXene) will be held in Beijing University of chemical technology from May 10 to May 12, 2019. The conference is co-chaired by professor Yury Gogotsi from Drexel university and professor xu bin from Beijing university of chemical technology.The meeting will invite the relevant experts and scholars at home and abroad on MXene materials in basic research and application of the latest progress to communicate, discuss the future development trend MXene material, is following the May 2018 the first MXenes energy storage material in jilin university international conference after MXene another event in the field of materials research.

Because of the rapid development of MXene materials research and application in the field of expanded, the issue of this meeting by the energy storage materials to broaden the current MXene materials research involves various fields, mainly including MXene material synthesis, preparation, characterization, structure and properties, and its application in energy storage, catalysis, environmental protection, biological, pharmac-eutical, photoelectric, and other fields of application.The conference will adopt the conference report, thematic report, oral report, academic wall newspaper and other special activities to provide sufficient communication opportunities for participants and jointly promote the development of international research on MXene materials.We warmly welcome MXene experts, scholars, researchers, postgraduates and industry peers from home and abroad to attend this conference.



Early Bird Fees(Before April 1)(Students)(Non-Authors)

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Regular Fees(Students)(Non-Authors)

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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2019-04-01

Draft paper acceptance notification:2019-04-05

Abstract submission deadline:2019-04-01

Call for paper description

(1) Original research contributions in each of above fields are welcome (including both, experimental and computational research). The abstracts should have clear viewpoints, accurate and complete data, refined text and clear structure, which should be written in English within one page and in accordance with the given abstract template.

(2) The conference website can be used for online registration and abstract submission. Please provide the contact information of the corresponding author (phone number, address and email) and select either oral (lecture) or poster presentation. The organizing committee will evaluate all presentations and select a part of the abstracts as oral lecture.

(3) The conference will set up the excellent poster award. The award recipients will be given the certificate and bonus.

Topics of submission

·Sythesis and preparation of MXenes
·Structure and properties of MXenes
·MXenes for energy and conversion
·MXene for environment and catalysis
·MXene for biology and medicine
·MXenes for optics and electronics


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