Dear researchers at all universities, we invite you to participate in the third scientific conference of science at the College of Peace University, which will be held on April 16-17, 2019.




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Preparatory Committee:
1. Prof. Dr. Jawad Jaber Jaafar al - Moussawi , 
2. Prof. Ali Abdul-Shanawa Al-Kanani 
3. Prof. Maher Nasser Naoum Sarsam 
4. Dr. Hassan Risan Khalaf Al-Mamouri 
5. d. Khaldoun Mohammed Jarou 
6. Dr. Ahmed Abbas Mohammed Al-Nuaimi 
7. m. Adib Mansour Qasim 
8. MM Mahmoud Ahmed Hussein 
9. m. Ahmed Hussein Ali 
10. Mr. Ali Aqil Khadada Mohammed 
11. Mr. Shihab Tariq Shehab. 

Scientific Committee:

1. Prof. Ali Abd-Shnaoua Al-Kanani  
2. Prof. Maher Nasser Naoum Sarsam 
3. Prof. Qasim Mohammad Qasim 
4. Prof. Mohamed Sankour Jabara 
5. Dr. Ali Yousef 
6. O.m.d. Haytham Abdul Latif Omar
7. Onyid Thunan Rustam 
8. d.Sabeeh Karam Zamil 
9. Dr. Uday Safar Abdelkader
10. Dr. Abdul-Amir Khalaf Hussein  
11.  Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Zubaidi
12. Dr. Hussein Fadel Mohammed  
13. Dr. Mohamed Hadi Kazem



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