To celebrate BIT's 12th Anniversary of Protein & Peptide Conference, PepCon-2019 will be held during June 14-16, 2019, in Beijing, China. PepCon, as one of the BIT's branched conferences, had been successfully organized for 11 years. PepCon-2019 provides a unique opportunity for leading experts and researchers from science academics, research institutes, industry manufacturers and so on, to collaborate and share the recent developments in the field of Protein & Peptide. With the participation of outstanding international experts, we hope productive discussions would stimulate new creative ideas to translate new discoveries into better practice and application. PepCon-2019 will continue to build upon the success of past 11 years, offering a top-notch scientific program created by international experts in related fields. We hope your participation would contribute to your professional development and relationships. Wish you enjoy the conference.

• Designing 30+ Sessions of Scientific Forums, Symposiain Frontier Areas of Protein and Peptide Science and Technologies; 
• Inviting Worldwide Distinguished Experts, Investors, and Decision Makers in the Areas of Protein R & D for the Grand Thought Collision from 15+ Countries
• Shooting for 100+ Oral Presentations and Hot Paper Briefing in Whole Spectrum of Breakthroughs in Protein and Peptide Sciences from Active Researchers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs;
• Bring in upto 100+ Distinguished Participants in Protein & Peptide Fields to the Beijing
• 2-3 Interactive Events to Enhance the Professional Network and Matchmaking
• One Annual Report Release Based on Protein/Peptide Peers’ Review on Current Trend, Economic Value, Scientific Breakthroughs and Future Directions.



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Call for paper

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:2019-05-15

Call for paper description

1. The organizers of PepCon-2019 welcome all abstracts within the scope of the meeting. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts and be scheduled for oral or poster presentation during the congress if the topic is relevant and the quality of the data justifies its scheduling. Irrelevant or poor-quality abstracts may be rejected.

2. Abstracts may only be submitted by email to the congress coordinator. It is advisable to prepare the complete text of your abstract according to the paper-format.

3. Abstracts should be written in clear English, taking in to account the specifications below:

  1. Maximum word count of abstract title is 20 words.
  2. Maximum word count of the abstract text is 350 words (adjust in case of tables/figures)
  3. The abstract topic should be sent by email to the program coordinator in order to facilitate abstract review and scheduling.
  4. A minimum of three specific keywords should be added during online submission for indexing of the abstract. The organizing committee of PepCon2019 reserves the right to delete, edit or add keywords in order to achieve uniformity throughout abstract publications.

4. Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. No editing of abstract texts will be done. However, failure to comply with the above guidelines may be corrected by the meeting organizers.

5. After submission, abstracts can no longer be changed by the authors. Should minor changes be necessary after submission, the author should notify conference coordinator by email at , describing exactly the nature of the change to be made. The organizers will then implement the change. If major changes are required the author should submit a revised abstract as an entirely new abstract and send a request to  to delete the original abstract. The addition of a co-author constitutes a major change.

6. After completion of the abstract review, the submitting author will receive scheduling information via email. Abstracts cannot be withdrawn after receipt of the scheduling information by the submitting author. The presenting author must be registered as a participant of PepCon-2019 for final scheduling and publication of the abstract.

7. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings. The authors of the submitted abstracts are responsible for any Intellectual Property issues concerning the abstracts on their own. The Organizing Committee of PepCon-2019 reserves the right to use submitted abstracts for conference purposes.


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