As an important symbol of the country's technology, economy, national defense strength and industrialization level, the aviation industry is particularly important to vigorously develop the Chinese aviation industry. Therefore, the aviation industry is the engine that promotes industrial transformation and upgrading.

According to the the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China", "Made in China 2025", clearly pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously promote the organization of innovation and industrialization special projects, major engineering aviation Engineering equipment. At present, China has highly dependence on imported products, which also greatly limits China's further development of intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the leapfrog development of intelligent manufacturing in China to focus on promoting the breakthrough of core technology, the improvement of key process level, and the enhancement of the manufacturing capacity of key basic materials and core parts. To achieve the prerequisites for the development of leaps and bounds, and in order to enhance China's technological strength, enhance the international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and achieve a large manufacturing country in the aviation industry, we must vigorously develop the aviation industry!

Therefore, the "2019 Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum(CAIIF 2019)" is scheduled to be held in Xi'an on September 26th -27th, 2019. Will be based on aviation intelligence, enhance independent design capabilities, break the bottleneck as the theme, enhance China's industrial technology and information capabilities.

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