With the development of aviation industry in China and the increase of the demand of civil aircraft, the demand of China's aviation materials industry is constantly released. Aviation materials and process technology are the two cornerstones of laying the manufacturing capacity of aviation industry, the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of China's civil aviation industry at present, and also one of the most extensive and potential core areas of China's aviation manufacturing industry chain towards a more open and mature process. The development of materials is of great significance to the development of aviation equipment. The aviation materials industry is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic areas for growth and investment opportunities.Under this background, 7th Annual China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit 2019 which is an unmissable conference will be held on November 6th -7th in the city of Beijing.


  1. Airworthiness Validation Requirements For Aviation Interior Materials For Civil Aircraft
  2. Development Requirements Of Key Materials Technology For Aero-Engine
  3. The Application Difficulty Of Ceramic Matrix Composites Of Large Culvert Ratio In Domestic Vortex Fan Engine
  4. Analysis Of Damage Resistance Of Silicon Carbide Based CMC Using Nano Fiber
  5. Development Trend And Suggestion Of New Process Of Metal Matrix Composites
  6. Development Of Low Cost Resin Matrix Composites Manufacturing Technology
  7. Co-Curing Forming Process Of Ceramic Matrix Composite Components
  8. New Progress And Application Of Advanced Aerospace Materials And Structural Nondestructive Testing Technology
  9. Optimal Design Of Composites Performance Based On CFD Method
  10. Additive Manufacturing Technology: Application Analysis And Future Development Trend Of Titanium Alloy
  11. Study On The Properties Of Nickel Based Superalloys In High Temperature Corrosive Environment
  12. Application Difficulties And Solutions Of Aeronautical Composites In Processing Technology Manufacturing
  13. Application Of Honeycomb Sandwich Structure And Manufacturing Process In Aviation Industry
  14. Research Progress On High Strength Steel Structure And Properties
  15. Application And Development Prospect Of Glass Fiber Composite Material And Carbon Fiber Composite Material In Cabin
  16. Sustainable Development And Humanized Application Of Interior Materials For Aircraft Cabin
  17. Lightweight Custom Cabin Solutions



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