With the advent of digital marketing era and the change of air transport market environment, loyalty program has become an important source for airlines to increase ancillary revenue, and loyalty management has naturally become a core business of airlines. The increase of air transport revenue is facing severe challenge of market competition, especially the competition of low fares. Potential revenue from airline loyalty programs has become a focus among different revenue growth channels. American Airlines' loyalty program is expected to bring in about $2.7 billion in earnings before interest and tax in 2018. In the current competitive market environment, this undoubtedly  attracted people's attention. Delta announced that its loyalty program, in partnership with American express, will bring in $4 billion a year by 2021. This business model of mileage sales will not only bring huge wealth to airlines, but also attract consumers' attention to a large extent.

From the traditional business management, the airline frequent flyer program has gradually stepped onto the path of revenue-generating loyalty program management. Digital marketing not only promotes the transformation and innovation of loyalty program management mode, but also provides a broader space for realizing the revenue target of loyalty program. The customer relationship management of airline companies should adapt to the change of digital marketing era and continuously upgrade and improve, so that it becomes the source of creating market value.




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