World DNA Day has been a major bio-event in China since the first anniversary in 2005, celebrating the revolutionary developments in biological and medical sciences since the discovery of the double helix setting the stage for the advancement of biology and medicine in the 21st century. This magnificent event has gained broad public support for more than a decade, and has the additional goal of catalyzing multilateral international partnership in bio-economy, spreading and increasing the understanding of modern biological sciences among the lay public. WDD 2020 will cover the following highlights:

  • Creating Peak Event of Bio-Olympic in China Bohai Bay
  • Writing Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
  • Eulogizing New Model for Bio-industry
  • Cherishing Memory of Great Masters for Their Lifelong Achievements
  • Inviting 5 Nobel Laureates and 100 World-Class Scientists and Industrial Leaders
  • Organizing 2,000+Presentations from Overseas Distinguished Bio-scientists
  • Bringing Together 4,000+ Professionals and 20,000 Public Participants from All Over the World
  • Arranging 400+ Exhibitors and Posters
  • Matchmaking 200+ Biotech Projects and Talent Exchange
  • Scheduling 5-10 Brilliant Social Events
  • Integrating 20 Cluster Meetings in an Array of Bio-scientific Fields



Package A: Including Registration Fee + Dinners + 5-night Hotel (5 star) (Author Registration)

Package A Includes (One Person):
1) 5 nights Five-star hotel in Dalian including breakfasts (Check-in: April 24,2020; Check-out: April 29, 2020)
2) Full program at the whole conference
3) Luncheon during the conference (April 25, 26, 27, 28, 2020)
4) Coffee Break
5) Welcome Banquet (April 25, 2020)
6) Conference proceeding and other conference materials
7) A free paper abstract in the conference proceeding
8) Dinner during the conference (April 24, 26, 27, 28, 2020)

USD  2,399.00

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Research on biological genes and other topics.


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