The 2nd China (Shanghai) International Radiation Technology Conference & Exhibition

Event Time: August 14~16, 2020 

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center 

            Shanghai, China


China Radiation Technology Conference is a comprehensive conference of Radiation Technology industry with great scale and widely influence, 10 fields are covered in the 2019 CRT: electron accelcrator, isotope technique, radiation detection, radiation imaging, irradiation processing , instrumentation, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, radiology, medical imaging AI, radiation protection and nuclear energy safety. As a professional expo, covering the whole industrial chain related to radiation technology, CRT mainly focus on radiation technology display and communication about the industry trends and regulations in China. It will become the preferred platform for corporations to expand market channels and promote their brands. Furthermore, It will be a good opportunity for insiders of this industry to seek the new technology and products.

Concurrent Expo:

Civil Nuclear Technology Application Exhibition

Nuclear and Radiographic Medical Technology Exhibition

Radiation Environmental Monitoring and Protective Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition Scope:

 1. New technologies and achievements in nuclear technology application;
2. Isotopes and products: Isotope research and development, extraction, packaging,
transportation, safety monitoring and other related products and equipment, and medical
3. High-end equipment: electronic accelerators, nuclear imaging equipment (industrial flaw
detection and nondestructive testing), isotope instruments, isotope tracer technology and
equipment, nuclear analysis technology and equipment, metering and testing equipment,
nuclear medical and radiotherapy equipment, laboratory research equipment related to
nuclear technology application, etc.
4. Radiation processing devices and technical applications: safety control system,
transmission system, lifting source system, radioactive Co-60 apparatus and auxiliary
equipment, electronic accelerator and auxiliary equipment, design and construction of
radiation plant, polymer modified materials (cable materials, modified plastics), disinfection
and sterilization, tire presulfurization and radiation curing;
5. Nuclear agriculture: mutation breeding, pest control, food processing and preservation, soil
management and other related products and technologies;
6. Auxiliary equipment for nuclear power: nuclear grade cables, nuclear power instruments
and meters;
7.Military-civilian integration and nuclear technology application: nuclear technology
applications in aerospace, satellite communications and shipbuilding, Terahertz radiation
monitoring imaging, etc.
8. Radiation protection and nuclear safety: radiation monitoring instruments and meters,
radiation protection materials, radiation sickness treatment, nuclear radiation environmental
pollution control and nuclear safetyTop enterprises in the civil nuclear technology indu stry were i



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