In order to promote the scientific and technological progress of mine construction in China, to promote the development of modern mine construction towards informationization and intelligence, to grasp the latest developments in mining construction at home and abroad, to exchange and display the construction achievements of mining construction in recent years, China Coal Society's mine construction The Geotechnical Engineering Committee decided to hold the 2020 National Mining Construction Academic Conference at Northeastern University from August 19th to 21st, 2020, with a duration of 2 days and reporting on August 19th. Venue: Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The relevant matters of the meeting are notified as follows:


Theme of the conference 

1. Basic theory, key technologies and equipment of deep mine construction;

2. Informatization and intelligent rapid excavation technology and equipment of mine shaft engineering;

 3. Prevention and control of ground pressure disasters in deep mines;

4. New equipment and new mine construction Materials, new technologies, new processes;

5. Environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction technologies in mine construction;

6. Development and utilization of abandoned mine resources;

7. Geotechnical problems in the development and utilization of deep geothermal resources;

8. Underground engineering related Theoretical, technical, technological and engineering practice cases in the field;

9. Integrated development of mining construction technology and underground engineering technology;

10. Geotechnical engineering issues in the development and utilization of urban underground space;

11. "Belt and Road" mine construction and geotechnical engineering problem.

12. Symposium on the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Mine Construction and Geotechnical Engineering Committee


2017-10-21 星期六


2017-10-22 星期日

2017-10-23 星期一

2017-10-24 星期二

2017-10-25 星期三



Student representatives (Non-Author Registration)

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CNY  800.00

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Formal representatives (Non-Author Registration)

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Call for paper


The collected papers will be reviewed by the academic committee, and all accepted papers will be included in the electronic papers. Excellent papers are recommended in relevant technologies such as "Coal Science and Technology", "Building Technology", "Coal Engineering", "Metal Mine", "Modern Mining" Published in journals. People who are engaged in scientific research, engineering design, and construction management in mining construction, geotechnical and underground engineering and related fields are welcome to submit contributions.

The format of the text is as shown in the attachment to the notice. Please write and typeset as required. The length of the paper is generally no more than 6000 words. When submitting the manuscript, it will be in Word electronic file format. When submitting the manuscript, please include the author's profile, postal address, postal code, contact phone number, E-mail, etc.

The comrades who have received the notice are required to inform the leaders and relevant staff in time to submit papers in a prescribed time; members of professional committees and college committees are requested to actively organize the source of the manuscript.


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Important dates

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    19 Oct.


  • 31 Jul.


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    Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Safe Mining of Deep Metal Mines