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Welcome to ICFPMCE 2020, the 21th International Conference of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Control Engineering. Chongqing is widely acknowledged as the largest industrial and economic center in southwestern China with global perspectives, new ideas and multiculturalism, and it is also a popular destination for travelers with its hilly slopes, rivers, night views and spicy food.

Under the theme of ’Green Motivation, Integrated Development’, this conference will bring together experts with distinct views on fluid power and mechatronic control engineering, and will foster cross-disciplinary discussions on the big questions in these fields. Moreover, an important goal will be to discern pathways for scientific discoveries in these areas into the industry and government projects.

We look forward your active participation in ICFPMCE 2020 and hope that you will enjoy your stay in Chongqing!

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Draft paper submission deadline

We invite the submission of technical papers for the main technical track of the conference. Submissions should be significant, original, and previously unpublished results on all aspects of Engineering. We especially encourage papers on advanced techniques for novel application domains.

Call for papers

Included but not limited to

  • Review of fluid power research
  • Review of new transmission technology
  • Intelligent manufacturing and control: intelligent control theory and application in hydromechatronics engineering, servo control, artificial intelligence, robot and its application, digital hydraulic control and manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing technology of hydraulic components
  • Complex hydromechatronics system: multidiscipline modeling and optimization, system reliability and life study; complex system dynamics and dynamic performance matching design, noise and vibration control, complex system performance monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction technology
  • Intelligent components: new hydraulic components (including oil and water hydraulic components); efficient energy-saving components and systems; micro components and systems; integrated components and systems; flexible or bionic hydraulic components, micro and nano components, flexible actuators
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: energy recovery and reuse technology of fluid power system; green fluid components and control technology; green system and its application; low noise hydraulic components and systems; application of fluid transmission and control in renewable energy.
  • Pneumatic, sealing technology and system
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  • 08-30 2020

    Draft paper submission deadline

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Association of Fluid Power Control Engineering of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Harbin Institute Of Technology Chongqing University of Technology
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