In recent years, applied linguistics has made great progress and reached a general consensus about its functions and applications, but still many hot topics and cutting-edge issues remain controversial and worthy of further exploration and detailed discussion. In  order to help push forward the field of applied linguistics, an International Forum on Frontier Issues in Applied Linguistics (IFFIAL) is going to be held in Hangzhou, which is sponsored by Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP). Ten editorial departments of BFSU’s academic journals will co-organize the forum.   

We have extended invitations to renowned linguists, both at home and abroad, to give keynote speeches. Various workshops will be organized on a variety of issues of interest. Scholars and researchers of applied linguistics will enjoy opportunities for academic  exchange and cooperation. We expect the forum can provide up-to-date research findings, references and enlightenment for all the participants, promote theoretical construction and applied research of the discipline, and explore the trend development in applied linguistics.  

The matters of the forum are notified as follows. 


Call for paper Submit paper


(1)Forms of presentation
We invite proposals for the symposia, individual paper presentation, and poster presentation. (An abstract can only be submitted in one of the three forms.)
• Symposia
Each symposium lasts 2 hours and 4 to 6 panel members are invited by the organizer. Each symposium consists of an introduction, presentations, discussion (optional), Q&A, and a concluding part. The organizers are required to submit the topic, introduction and summary of each presentation after they get the approval of the organizing committee.
• Individual paper presentations 
A block of 25 minutes will be designated for each individual paper presentation(20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). A title and an abstract of each paper, either in Chinese or in English, are to be submitted. If the title and the abstract are in Chinese, an English version is required.
• Poster presentations 
A title and an abstract of each poster, either in Chinese or in English, are required.

(2)Proposal submission

Proposals for all presentations and posters should include a title (no more than 20 words), an abstract (no more than 250 words), and a briefer abstract (no more than 50 words) for the Forum Handbook. Author information such as name, title, education background, affiliation, email address and mobile phone number should be included.

◆Publication opportunities: Participants can submit the full text of the paper online to one of the ten editorial departments within 2 months after the closure of the forum.

Topics of submission




  1. 《中国ESP研究》主编论坛


  1. 《中国应用语言学》主编论坛


  1. 《外语教学与研究》主编论坛


  1. 《外语教育研究前沿》主编论坛


  1. 《欧亚人文研究》主编论坛


  1. 《国际汉语教育》主编论坛
  2. 《语言政策与规划研究》主编论坛


  1. 《语料库语言学》主编论坛


  1. 《德语人文研究》主编论坛


  1. 《翻译界》主编论坛



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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    18 Sep.



    20 Sep.


  • 16 Oct.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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  • Prof. 刘老师/彭老师
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