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Kindly remind: Authors should be caution to conferences from India for there are many conferences are fake or in poor quality.

International Conference on Innovative Data Communication Technologies and Application (ICIDCA 2021) is being organized by RVS College of Engineering and Technology during 20-21 August, 2021 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.This conference will provide an outstanding international forum for students, professors and tech enthusiast from all over the world to share ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of all areas of engineering. Presentations should highlight inventive systems as a concept that combines theoretical research and applications in the all areas of engineering.



Conference Chair

Dr.V.Gunaraj, Principal, RVS College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore.

Technical Program

Chairs Dr. Jennifer, Professor, Gnanmani College of Engineering and Technology, India. Dr. Khaled Kamel, Professor, Computer Science Department, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, United States. Dr. Pavel Lafata, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic. Dr. Robert Bestak, Telecommunications, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic. Dr. Zubair A. Baig, Division of Cyber Security, School of Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin University, Geelong 3216, Australia.

Call for paper

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You are cordially invited to participate in and attend the International Conference on Innovative Data Communication Technologies and Application (ICIDCA 2021) to be held in Arcadia, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, October 17-18, 2021. The conference is to address, explore and exchange information on the state-of-the-art in high performance and large scale computing systems, their use in modeling and simulation, their design, performance and use, and their impact. Participation is extended to researchers, designers, educators and interested parties in all related disciplines and specialties.


The conference will include invited presentations by experts from academia, industry, and government as well as contributed paper presentations describing original work on the current state of research in HPC & simulation technologies and systems and related issues.

Call for papers

Data Communication and Computer Networking
High Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Next Generation Web
Instruction-, Thread- and Memory-Level Parallelism
Embedded and Application-Specific Architectures
Reconfigurable Computing & FPGA Based Architectures
Memory, Storage, and Warehousing
Energy/Power Aware HPC Architectures and Green Computing
HPC Architectures for Mobility
Broadband and High Performance Networks
Network and Security Processors
Load Balancing and Sharing
Real-time and embedded P & D Applications
Distributed Multimedia Systems
Web Services and Applications
P & D Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
Databases, Repositories and Their Applications
Mobile and Wireless High Performance Applications
HPC and Education
Cooperative Information Systems and Applications
Computer Supported Decision Making using HPC
Mutual Exclusion, Deadlock Detection
Causality and Time
Network Flow and Congestion
Reliable Parallel, and Distributed Algorithms
High Performance Knowledge Based Systems
Agent and Multi Agent Based Applications
Neural, Fuzzy, and Rough Sets in HPC
Large Scale Scientific Computing
Service Oriented Applications
Applied Modeling and Simulation using HPC
Large Scale Systems for Computational Sciences (Biological, Chemical, Physical, Bioinformatics, Environmental, Transportation, Agriculture, etc.)
Routing, Synchronization, Consistency
Resource Allocation, Sharing and Management
Coordination, Consensus, and Agreement
Fault Tolerance and Resilience in HPC Systems
Network and Systems Protocols
Scalable Computing
Distributed Shared Memory
Peer-to-Peer Architectures and Networks
High Performance Interconnection Networks
High Performance I/O
HPC Monitoring & Instrumentation
Recent Trends in Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Network
Wireless Multimedia systems

Software Engineering
Agile Software Development
Architecture and Design
Data Mining Systems
Dependability, Safety, and Reliability
Development Tools and Environments
Data Warehousing Systems
Empirical Software Engineering
Interprocess Communication
Transaction and Concurrency Control
Brokering Middleware
Enterprise Based Technologies
Benchmarking and Assessment
Formal Methods
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Privacy and Security
Process Modeling
Query Processing and Optimization
Parallel and Distributed File Systems
Distributed Objects and Remote Invocation
Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Software Development Tools and Support
Software Monitoring and Measurement
Visualization, Scientific Visualization and Rendering
Programming Languages
Requirements Engineering
Search-Based Software Engineering
Software Economics and Metrics
Software Evolution and Maintenance
Software Reuse
Software Testing and Analysis
Software Visualization
Software Validation and Verification
Recent Trends in Software Engineering

Machine Learning and Optimization
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing
Cognitive Science
Component Analysis
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques
Multi Agent Systems
Multimedia Technologies
Optimization Technique
Recent Trends in Machine Learning
Robotics and Automation
Statistical Learning

Communication Intelligence
Human-friendly Interfaces
Information and Signal Processing
Intelligent Control and Autonomy
Optics and Photonics
Smart Sensors and Electronics Systems
Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT
Broadband Networks & Mobile Communications
Digital Signal Processing Enabled Communications
Human-Robot Interaction
Data Analytics in Communication Intelligence
Wireless Sensors in Communication Intelligence
Telesensation and Hyper Reality
Computer Vision
Telecommunication and Radio Signals
Security, Defense and Business in Communication Intelligence

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