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The 110th Anniversary of Qian Xuesen's Birth 

and the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering 

and the 21st International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

2021.Oct.23rd~25th, Beijing, China


                The 110th Anniversary of Qian Xuesen's Birth and the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Man-Machine-Environment System and the 21st. International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering will be held in Beijing on October 23-25, 2021. At the conference opening ceremony, you will personally listen to the important speech of the great Chinese scientist Qian Xuesen on the man-machine-environment system engineering (about 15 minutes).We welcome to the submission of research papers related to MMESE subject that have not been published publicly in recent years and do not involve confidential content.


**Proceedings of MMESE conference have been indexed by EI for 7 consecutive sessions;
**Proceedings of MMESE conference have been rated as TOP25% download journals by Springer for several years;
**The cumulative number of Springer online downloads of the chapters of MMESE exceeds 100,000 times;


In 1981, under the personal guidance of the great scientist Qian Xuesen, a comprehensive cross-technology science Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering (MMESE) was born in China. Man-machine-environment system engineering is a science that uses system science theory and system engineering methods to correctly deal with the relationship between the three elements of man, machine and environment, and in-depth study of the optimal combination of man-machine-environment systems, so as to realize human. The three major goals of machine-environment system are "safety, high efficiency and economy". Qian Xuesen spoke highly of this emerging science. On October 22, 1993, he wrote to Professor Long Shengzhao, the founder of the discipline, stating: "You have created this important modern science and technology in socialist China!"

On June 26, 2001, Qian Xuesen also pointed out in his congratulatory letter to the 20th Anniversary Meeting of the Founding of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering: "In the past 20 years, you have been active in the emerging scientific field of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering. I am sincerely happy to explore and explore and have achieved very gratifying results. I hope you will continue to encourage you to vigorously promote the vigorous development of the theory and application of man-machine-environment system engineering, and contribute to the progress of science and technology in China and the world Actively contribute!".


General Chairman
Prof. Shengzhao Long, Astronuat Research and Training Center of China

Program Committee Chairman
Prof. Balbir S. Dhillon, University of Ottawa, Canada

Technical Committee Chairman
Professor Enrong Mao,College of Engineering, China Agricultural University, China

Program & Technical Committee Members
Professor Yanping Chen,University of Management and Technology, USA
Professor Hongfeng Gao,University of California, USA
Professor Birsen Donmez, University of Toronto, Canada 

Professor Kinhuat Low,Nanyang Thchnological University, Singapore
Senior Engineer Baoguo Luan, CH-AUTO Technology Co. Ltd, China
Professor Baoguo Wang, Beijing Institute of Technolygy, China
Professor Baoqing Xia, Weapon Industrial Hygiene Research Institute, China
Professor Chunhui Wang, Astronuat Research and Training Center of China, China
Professor Enrong Mao,College of Engineering, China Agricultural University, China
Professor Fang Jie, China North Vehicle Research Institute, China
Senior Engineer Fong Zhou, AVIC Aerospeace Life-support Industries, Ltd, China
Professor Guangtao Ma, Shenyang Jianzhu University, China
Professor Guansheng Huang, Beijing Special Vehicle Insititute, China
Professor Guohua Jiang,Astronuat Research and Training Center of China
Professor Guohua Shi, Engineering Academy of the Second Artillery, China
Professor Haiming Wu, Weapon Industrial Hygiene Research Institute, China
Professor Hongjun Xue, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Professor Honglei Li, Air Defense Forces Academy, China
Senior Engineer Jiajun Sun,Petrochina Changqing Oilfield company, China
Professor Jian Zhang, Naval Medical Research Institute,ChinaProfessor Junfeng Liu, Educational Technology Center of Dalian, China
Professor Lijing Wang, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
Professor Long Ye,Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Professor Xiaochao Guo, Istitute of Aviation Medicine, Air Force, China
Professor Xinqin Jin, Harbin University of Science and Technology, China
Professor Yongqing Hou, China Academy of Space Technology ,China
Professor Yuhong Shen,Quartermaster Research Institute of the General Logistics Department of CPLA, China
Professor Zhibing Pang, Air Defense Forces Academy, China

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline


Seven research areas of MMESE

Seven research areas of MMESE

Call for papers

According to the seven research categories of MMESE (see the figure below), the author of the paper can write the paper according to the actual research situation. In addition, papers on MMESE theory and application are also very welcome. Therefore, the submitted paper hopes to fit the following eight basic themes.

(1)   Research on Man Character (M)

  1. Measurement of human capability   
  2. Evaluation of human capability   
  3. Human physical workload   
  4. Human mental workload         
  5. Human psychological workload   
  6. Human reliability
  7. Human control model           
  8. Human decision-making model   
  9. Anthropometry technology
  10. Operator selecting Operator training

(2)   Research on Machine Character (M)

  1. Machine operability             
  2. Machine maintainability         
  3. Machine dynamic modeling technology
  4. Error-preventing design of machine

(3)   Research on Environment Character (E)

  1. Environment monitoring         
  2. Environment controlling         
  3. Environment modeling
  4. Environment simulation

(4)   Research on Man-Machine Relationship (MMR)

  1. Static man-machine relationship
  2. Arrangement of work space                   
  3. Design of work space
  4. Dynamic man-machine relationship
  5. Function allocation of the man and machine           
  6. Function comparison of the man and machine
  7. Display and control technology                               
  8. Design and evaluation of man-machine interface
  9. Application of multiple-medium technology to the study of man-machine relationship
  10. Application of digital human to the study of man-machine relationship

(5)   Research on Man-Environment Relationship (MER)

  1. Environmental influence on man   
  2. Human influence on environment       
  3. Personal protective equipment

(6)   Research on Machine-Environment Relationship (MER)

  1. Environmental influence on machine performance         
  2. Machine influence on environment

(7)   Research on overall performance of Man-Machine-Environment System (MMES)

  1. Overall mathematical model of man-machine-environment system   
  2. Total mathematical simulation technology   
  3. Half physical simulation technology                           
  4. Total physical simulation technology
  5. Analysis, design and evaluation of the overall performance         
  6. Safety design and evaluation
  7. High Efficiency design and evaluation                         
  8. Economy design and evaluation

(8) Applications research of MMESE

  1. Application to Aviation                 
  2. Application to Space                 
  3. Application to Navigation
  4. Application to Nuclear Energy Industry   
  5. Application to Traffic Transportation   
  6. Application to Industry Production         
  7. Application to Corporation Management
  8. Application to Computer Interface Design
  9. Application to Computer and Human Interaction
  10. Application to Computer and Machine Vision
  11. Application to Robotics and Automation
  12. etc ……



Proceedings will be published in Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering.

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