At present, in the context of "Internet +", driven by the demand of economy and society and the rapid development of new technology and ideas such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and so on, information technology has quickly stepped into the intelligent stage and changed people's thinking, production, living, and learning styles profoundly, which also promotes education to realize great reform and innovation. Educational informatization has achieved rapid development under the guidance of the core idea, "deeper integration of information technology and education practice". It is an irresistible tendency of educational development through using educational information to improve educational modernizations and using information technology to change traditional educational model.

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The conference invites computer educators to submit original research, education papers on topics of Computer Science, Education Informatization and Engineering Education, Authors are encouraged to submit full papers to the following topics (but not limited to):

Educational information science and technology
●Digitalization technology for educational information resource
●Educational information retrieval and intelligent information processing
●Study on learning science and learning technologies
●Educational information resource management and shared service
●Educational statistics and evaluation
●Educational data mining and knowledge visualization

Educational informatization and big data for education
●Cloud computing and educational cloud services
●Education data mining and analysis based on big data technology
●Mobile learning technology
●Internet of Things technologies for education
●Modern distance education research
●The application of computer vision and virtual reality in education
●The application of artificial intelligence in education
●Accurate recommendation technology for educational information resource

Innovative application for the deeper integration of education practice and information technology
●Learning analysis and teaching method based on mobile Internet
●Wisdom education and education resource services based on cloud computing and Internet of things
●Education quality analysis and evaluation based on artificial intelligence technology
●The application of block chain technology in educational informatization
●Research on psychology and behavior of students under the information-based environment
●Research on targeted poverty alleviation for education based on big data for education
●Information technology promotes the balanced development of education for nationalities
●Digitalization and protection of cultural resources

University Engineering Education
●Software Engineering Education
●Scholarly Development of Engineering Education
●An Extended Epistemology for Engineering Education
●Collaborative quality enhancement in Engineering Education
●Work-based Learning models in Engineering Curricula
●Innovative Learning Strategy for Sustainable Development in Engineering Education
●Developing Employability in Engineering Education
●Work-based Learning Models in Engineering Curricula
●The Importance of Rethinking Engineering Education

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  • Mar 05 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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