Optical imaging and measurement are closely related and have a wide range of applications such as microscope, telescope, sensor, etc. Usually, imaging is the basis of measurement, and measurement is a rigorous consideration of imaging results in a quantitative way. This conference covers a broad field of advanced optical imaging and precision measurement technologies ranging from micro to macro, from static to dynamic, from single physical quantity to multiple. Optical methods continuously have a profound impact on the new development of science and technology, such as the milestone breakthroughs, STED optical nanoscope (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014) and LIGO’s interferometer (Nobel Prize in Physics 2017). This conference is looking forward to building a bridge among optical scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.
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Conference Chair 


Prof. Shuming Yang

School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Research interests: Micro-/nano-fabrication and measurement, Optical technology and instrumentation, Precision/ultra-precision manufacturing, etc.


Prof. Yiting Yu

School of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Research interest: Micro-nano optical imaging


Prof. Huigao Duan

The College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University

Research interests: Micro-nano manufacturing technology and equipment, Design and manufacture of parts with very small scale and high precision,Special / standard gratings and transducers for advanced equipment and instruments, Microsystem technology (micro sensor / micro drive / micro energy), Intelligent optical display / anti-counterfeiting

The number of H Index of Prof. Huigao Duan is 40.

Technical Program Committee Chair

Prof. Xichun Luo

School of Computing and Engineering, University of Strathclyde

Research interests: Ultra-precision machining, Hybrid micromachining, Nanofabrication, Digital manufacturing, etc.

The number of H Index of Prof. Xichun Luo is 29

Personal homepage:

Publication Chair

Prof. Zonghua Zhang

School of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology

Research interests: 3D Optical imaging, High-resolution optical microscopy, Optical nanoscopy, Computational imaging, etc.

The number of H Index of Prof. Zonghua Zhang is 20.

Personal homepage:

Local Committee Chair


Prof. Shuhai Jia 

School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Research interests:Photoelectric detection, Sensing technology, New photoelectric devices, etc.

The number of H Index of Prof. Shuhai Jia is 14.

Personal homepage:


A/Prof. Tao Liu 

School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Research interests: 3D Optical imaging and Measurement techniques, Theory and Application of microstructural plane lens, Diffraction optics, micro-nano optics, nano photonics.

Personal homepage:

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

1.  Optical imaging

3D Optical imaging  
High-resolution optical microscopy    
Optical nanoscopy   
Computational imaging   
Spectral imaging    
Terahertz imaging    
Flat optics   
Super-resolution imaging    
Computational optical imaging    
Scattering imaging    
Lensless imaging    
Polarization imaging    
High-speed imaging    
X-ray and terahertz imaging    
Deep learning imaging    
Spectral imaging     
AR/VR/MR imaging    
High-definition display    
Metasurface imaging and display    
Light field computational imaging    
Computational imaging spectrometry    
Transient computational imaging    
Digital holographic imaging    
Computational microimaging    
Front coding computational imaging    
Dehazing, debouncing, deblurring    
3D Light field display  
3D Holographic display   
2. Optical technology, application and precision measurement

Instrumentation theory and measurement technology    
New instrument and measurement System    
Modern optical and precision measurement instrument   
Optoelectronic system and optical instrument design    
Measurement system and instrument calibration    
MEMS and nano-measurement    
Accuracy theory and uncertainty analysis    
Advanced optical machining measurement    
Advanced algorithm and mathematical method of computational imaging  
Non-traditional sensing and imaging technology   
Multidimensional dynamic information capture, extraction and processing    
3. Optical measurement

3D Optical measurement    
Optical metrology   
Surface topography   
Interferometry measurement    
Optical sensor    
Extreme measurement    
Online optical measurement    
Holographic measurement    
New theory and technology of optical imaging and measurement 
4. Photoelectric device

Fiber optic laser    
Testing instrument, microscopic instrument   
Image software and device  (CCD device)    
Multimedia microscopic interaction    
Optical surveying and mapping Instrument (Level)    
Light source and coating (LED light source)    
5. Optoelectronics and communication

Optical fiber technology    
Optical fiber wireless fusion network    
Artificial intelligence and photonic neural network    
Optical information processing and device  
Integrated optical chip    
Biological sensing   
6. Biomedical optics

Fluorescence lifetime imaging    
Photoacoustic tomography, PAT  
Nanomedicine material    
OCT Imaging technology    
Endoscopic optical imaging technology   
7. Optical material

Transparent optical material (transmission material)   
Plastic optical material    
Reflective optical material   
Nanophotonic material    
8. Other relevant topics

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