The International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC) is the premier forum for researchers to present their latest findings in the area of asynchronous design. In addition to a regular paper track, the conference will hold an invited session on security, a special industrial papers track, and a fresh ideas workshop. The 27th symposium will be hosted by Galois, Inc. and held remotely September 7-10, 2021. 

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Authors are invited to submit papers on any aspect of asynchronous design, including design automation and test, circuit design, asynchronous applications in system-level integration, and emerging computing technologies. Topics of interest include:

Mixed-timed circuits, GALS systems, networks-on-chips, multi-chip interconnects, and 3D integration;
Elastic and latency-tolerant synchronous design;
Asynchrony in emerging technologies, such as bio, nano, and quantum computing; 
CAD tools for asynchronous design, synthesis, analysis, and optimization;
Formal methods for verification and performance/power analysis;
Fault tolerance, resilient design, and radiation-hard design;
Test and design for manufacturing;
Asynchronous pipelines, architectures, CPUs, and memories;
Asynchronous logic in ultra-low power and power-constrained systems, energy harvesting, and mixed-signal/analog design;
Asynchronous design for neural networks and machine learning applications; and
Circuit designs, case studies, comparisons, and applications.

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