IEEE MHTC is a cross-discipline conference for presenting, discussing, and developing technological solutions to social challenges. MHTC attracts presenters and attendees who work to satisfy the needs of populations affected by poverty, disaster, environmental change, and other impacts resulting in their needs being unmet or underserved.

In order to create and promote sustainable, holistic humanitarian solutions; this conference focuses on technological solutions complemented by an integrated understanding of broader contexts such as economics, policy, culture, and the environment. MHTC welcomes participation by individuals and organizations from technical and non-technical backgrounds, including engineers, scientists, academics, small-businesses, corporations, philanthropists, foundations, and government and non-government organizations.

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General Chair                                                   

Roberto S. Murphy Arteaga

General Co-Chair

Teresita de Jesús Pérez Salgado

Technical Program Committee Chair

Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta

Technical Program Committee Co-Chair

Raúl Ruán Ortega

Publicactions Chair

Juan Manuel Ramírez Cortés

Publicactions Co-Chair

Jaime Cid Monjarráz

Financial Committee Chair

José Luis Vázquez González

Local Arrangements Chair

Germán A. Muñoz Hernández

Local Arrangements Co-Chair

Julia Urbina Pineda

Web Master and Social Media

María Magdalena Pérez Torres

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The Conference is presented in following tracks:

Energy: infrastructure and off-grid power, renewable, transportation, energy harvesting, green technologies, smart grid lighting, cooking & heating.

Health: medical technology, telemedicine,mobile care,primary care,Biomedical instrumentation, biotechnology, bioinformatics.

Disaster, connectivity, and communication: disaster warning & avoidance, disaster response, disaster management, networks, remote communication, communication technologies.

Humanitarian challenges and opportunities: education, housing, supply chain & distribution, business development, vulnerable groups.

Environmental Monitoring: clean water, pollution, sanitation, irrigation, farming practices & agricultural technologies, climate change.

E-Services for the masses: eGovernance, mGovernance, mobile banking, mobile microf inance, e- education, electronic personal security.

Frugal innovation: Innovation in low cost applications of technology, low cost development, low cost manufacturing, open source hardware and software, crowd sourcing.

Emerging technologies for humanitarian applications: ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous communication, Internet of things, wireless sensor networks, 3D printing, Big data, cloud computing, circuits and systems.

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Important Date
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    Apr 21



    Apr 23


  • Jan 15 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Dec 04 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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