The INTERMAG 2021 Conference was due to be held in Lyon, France, 26-30 April 2021. Very unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic crisis imply that there is a considerable uncertainty about the ability and willingness of our attendees to travel internationally. Owing to this uncertainty, the INTERMAG 2021 Management Committee, with the approval of the IEEE Magnetics Society Conference Executive Committee, has decided to change the conference format from a face-to-face meeting to a virtual one.

After ten years of effort to attract INTERMAG to Lyon and because we all so much enjoy meeting each other during our annual conferences, I sincerely regret that we had to make this decision. For a while, we also considered shifting to a hybrid format, partly face-to-face and partly virtual, but again due to the uncertainty about travelling abilities, the organization would have been too risky and costly.

Shifting to a virtual conference is a significant change for our community, however, MMM2020 also had to make this change to virtual due to the pandemic. We are gaining experience from MMM2020 as well as from other virtual conferences in different areas. The INTERMAG 2021 Management Committee is working hard to organize a virtual event that is as easy to participate in, secure, and rewarding as it can be. We will use the same virtual platform as for MMM2020 so that most of the attendees will already be familiar with it.

Besides the main technical program, various special events will be organized. Among them, we can already announce a live award ceremony during which the awardees of 2020 and 2021 will be recognized, an MRAM Forum with speakers from major microelectronics companies including a panel discussion on the future of MRAM technology, and tutorials on "Magnetism and the Environment" which was initially scheduled for INTERMAG 2020. There will continue to be sponsorship opportunities for our supporters and exhibitors. We recognize the financial hardships many may face and will strive to keep as low a registration fee as possible to enable the community to still meet for scientific exchange and continue to advance magnetic technologies.

Once again, we are very disappointed to not be able to provide our community members with the opportunity to come together and interact with, learn from, and be inspired by colleagues next April in Lyon, but your health and ultimately that of all of our families, colleagues, and communities, is absolutely paramount. We look forward to meeting you online in April 2021 from wherever you are in the world.

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General Chair

Bernard Dieny 

Vice General Chair

Vincent Baltz 

Treasurer USA

Mark Kief 
Seagate Technology, USA

Treasurer France

Mair Chshiev 
Univ Grenoble Alpes, France

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Tom Thomson 
University of Manchester, UK

Sara Majetich 
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Kyung-Jin Lee 
KAIST, South Korea

Publications Co-Chairs

Petru Andrei 
Florida State University, USA

S. N. Piramanayagam (Prem) 
Nanyang Techological University, Singapore

Min-Fu Hsieh 
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Exhibits Chair

Vincent Mazauric 
Schneider Electric, France

Best Student Presentation Award Chair

Jordi Sort 
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Publicity Co-Chairs

Philip Pong 
University of Hong Kong

Diana Leitao 
INESC-MN, Portugal

Special Events Chairs

Stéphane Mangin 
University of Lorraine, France

IEEE Magnetics Society Representative

Rudolf Schäfer 
IFW Dresden, Germany

Conference Managers

Molly Bartkowski 
Conference Manager

Regina Mohr 
Abstracts and Publications Manager

Jennifer Fiske 
Exhibits Manager

Shelbie Jenkins 
Special Sessions Manager

Ashley Cesare 
Registration Manager

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

1. Spintronics – Fundamentals

a. Magnetoresistance in Heterostructures (GMR, TMR)
b. Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy and Switching
c. Skyrmions and Spin-Orbitronics
d. Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
e. Spin Injection and Spin Transfer Torques
f. Spin Currents, Spin Pumping, Spin Hall and Related Effects
g. Spins in Graphene, Topological Insulators and Other 2D Materials

2. Memory, Logic and Data Storage

a. MRAM and Related Devices
b. Magnetic Logic
c. Neuromorphic and Unconventional Computing
d. Domains and Domain Wall Devices
e. All-Optical Recording and Other New Recording
f. Energy-Assisted Recording
g. Recording Heads and Media
h. Recording Physics, Modeling & Systems (inc. Coding, Actuators and Channels)
i. Head-Disk Interface and Tribology

3. Electrical Machines, Drives and Control

a. Advances in (Semi)-Analytical and Numerical Techniques for Design
b. Surface Mounted and Interior Mounted Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines
c. Magnetically Geared Electrical Machines
d. Vernier Motors and Flux-Modulated Machines
e. High-Speed Motors and Energy Storage Machines
f. Reluctance and Inductance Rotary Machines
g. Linear Machines, Short and Long Stroke Actuators and Applications
h. Vibration Analysis and Energy Harvesting Applications
i. Wound Field and Special Rotating Electrical Machines

4. Electric Drive Applications, Monitoring and Transformers

a. Magnetic Aspects Related to Motor Drives, Testing and Controls
b. Transformers, Inductors and Magnetic Aspects Related to Power Electronics
c. Thermal and Magnetic Loss Modelling and Measurement
d. EMI, EMC and Shielding of Electrical Drives
e. Magnetic Bearings and Magnetic Levitation
f. Additive Magnetic Modelling and Applications

5. Applications of Fine Particle Magnetism

a. Bio-Magnetism
b. Biomedical Diagnostics and Imaging
c. Biomedical Therapies and Nanomedicine
d. Magnetism and the COVID-19 Pandemic
e. Magnetic Fluids and Separation
f. Geomagnetism

6. Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics

a. Magnetization Dynamics, Damping and Ultrafast Switching
b. Spin Waves and Magnonics
c. Vortex Dynamics and Magnetic Texture
d. Micromagnetic and Hysteresis Modeling
e. New Approaches in Computational Magnetism

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    Apr 26



    Apr 30


  • Mar 16 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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