ECOC 2021 will be the 47th edition, showing the unbroken attractiveness of this conference.

The outbreak of the global health crisis of 2020 acted as a global eye-opener that the digital infrastructure had become one of the essential fluids of everyone’s professional and personal lives. Never before had it become as widely clear that the digital infrastructure had turned altogether into an essential marketplace for food and goods, the facilitator of our children’s education, the enabler of teleworking, the storehouse of our culture, the warrant of some of our civil rights, and the intercessor to our friends and family. Overall, COVID-19 triggered an intense wave of digital transformation and digital expansion, with light as propellant.

This wave reinforces ECOC as a unique, vibrant place for global opportunities, a place for knowledge sharing, stimulating creativity, steering innovation and building collaborations. In the conference as well as in the associated exhibition, companies and institutions from all over the world will share the latest news and scientific breakthroughs from materials and devices, to systems and networks. Expect to meet analysts, media, government bodies, vendors and users - as well as peers, colleagues or customers.

After the Brussel 2020 virtual edition, ECOC returns to France for its 47th edition, seven years after Cannes. The ECOC 2021 conference, along with the exhibition, will take place in the city of Bordeaux, in the heart of the wine region, less than 2 hours away from most European capitals.

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Jean Pierre Hamaide
ECOC 2021 General Co-Chair
III-V Lab, France

Christian Lerminiaux
ECOC 2021 General Co-Chair
Chimie ParisTech-PSL

Sébastien Bigo
Nokia Bell Laboratories 

Pierre Sillard
Technical Programme Committee Co-chair 
Prysmian Group, France 

Philippe Chanclou
Technical Programme Committee Co-chair
Orange Labs

Florence Bleuzen
Director Administration&Finance 
Systematic Paris-Region 

Marla Da Silva
Coordinator ECOC 2021 
Systematic Paris-Region 

Néhémie Ikangi
Systematic Paris-Region

Béatrice Valdayron
C2B Congress PCO 

Caroline Zago
C2B Congress PCO 

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline

Be part of as one of the largest global conferences on optical communication technology, ECOC 2021, and ensure that your research is seen by an influential and international audience of optical communication experts.

Europe is a leading player in the global photonics market and the connections you make at ECOC may be able to help propel your work and/or research projects. The event brings together academia and industry to discuss, promote and push forward the latest innovations and emerging developments in the field of photonics.

We understand that there is uncertainty about what 2021 will bring. ECOC’21 is committed to ensuring that your paper, if accepted, will be presented whether in-person, virtual or a hybrid of both. You can have confidence that there will be an audience for your talk, demo or poster.

Submission Topics

SC1 - Novel Fibres, Fibre Devices and Fibre Amplifiers
SC2 - Optoelectronic devices and technologies
SC3 - Integrated and co-integrated circuits
SC4 - Techniques for digitally enhancing optical communication 
SC5 - Optical Transmission systems
SC6 - Theory of Optical Communications and Quantum Communications
SC7 - Photonics for RF and Free Space Optics applications
SC8 - Core and metro networks
SC9 -  Access, Indoor, Short Reach for Data centers and Mobile Networks
SC10 - Architecture, Control and Management of optical networks

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    Sep 12



    Sep 16


  • Jun 01 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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