The MIUCC 2021 is intended to provide a forum to exchange experiences and promote recent trends in the fields of intelligent technologies in mobile and ubiquitous computing environment. The distinguishing characteristic of MIUCC 2021 is the promotion of an intense dialogue between academia and industry to bridge the gap between academic research, industry initiatives, and governmental policies. This is fostered through panel discussions, keynotes, invited talks, and industry exhibits, where academia is exposed to state-of-the-practice and results from trials and inter-operability experiments. The industry, in turn, benefits from exposure to leading-edge research in networking as well as the opportunity to communicate with academic researchers regarding practical problems. It is also an excellent opportunity for young researchers to demonstrate current research and developments in the research fields. We invite all the authors to participate and to contribute with their communications work,  innovative research or technological development.

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Conference Chair

Ayman Bahaa-Eldin, Misr International University, Egypt  

Conference Co-Chairs

Abdel Nasser Zaied, Misr International University, Egypt
Khaled Husssine, Misr International University, Egypt
Alaa Hamdy, Misr International University, Egypt

Conference Secretary General

Islam Tharwat, Misr International University, Egypt

Conference Program Chair

Ashraf AbdelRaouf, Misr International University, Egypt

Local Organization Chair

Ayman Nabil, Misr International University, Egypt

Technical Program Committee

Ammar Mohamed, Misr International University, Egypt
Diaa Salama, Misr International University, Egypt
Eslam Amer, Misr International University, Egypt
Fatma Helmy, Misr International University, Egypt
Walaa Hassan, Misr International University, Egypt
Ahmed Darwish, Misr International University, Egypt
Essam Eliwa, Misr International University, Egypt
Emad Ibrahim, Misr International University, Egypt
Taraggy Mohiy, Misr International University, Egypt

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

Track-1. Mobile Computing

Internet of Things and Internet of Everything
Cloud Computing and Software-Defined Networking
Next Generation 5G Mobile Networks
Vehicular Networks and Vehicular Technology
Mobile Data Science & Analysis
Embedded and Energy-harvesting Systems
Implanted and Wearable Computing
Long-range/Low-power Wide-Area Wireless Networking
Novel Applications of Wireless Signals
Robotic and Drone-based Networking
Wireless Localization and Tracking
Communication Theory and Protocols
Experimental Platforms and Infrastructures for Wireless/Mobile Research
Mobile Health, Web, Video, Virtual Reality, and Other Applications
Security and Privacy Issues/Solutions for Mobile/Wireless Systems

Track-2.  Intelligent Computing

Artificial, Computational, and Swarm Intelligence
Automated Planning and Bayesian Networks
Machine and Deep Learning
Chaotic Systems and Clustering
Complex, Distributed, Embedded, Expert, and Evolutionary Systems
Genetic Algorithm and Programming
Knowledge-based Systems
Multi-Agent Systems
Neural Network and Pattern Recognition
Quantum Computing
Reinforcement Learning
Self-Organizing Maps
Combinatorial and State Space Search
Statistical Data and Time Series Analysis
Support Vector Machines

Track-3.  Ubiquitous Computing

Fog and Edge Computing
Distributed and Collaborative Software Engineering
Middleware and Agent Technologies
Energy-efficient Ubiquitous Computing
Distributed and Parallel Computing Systems and Algorithms
Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems
Context and Location Awareness, Context-based and Implicit Computing
Ubicomp Human-computer Interaction for Devices
Interoperability and Large Scale Deployment
Internet Computing and Applications
Middleware Services and Agent Technologies
Service Discovery Mechanisms and Protocols
User Interfaces and Interaction Models
Wearable Computers and Technologies
Virtualization over Networks of Devices

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    May 26



    May 27


  • Mar 01 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Apr 01 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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Egypt Section Misr International University (MIU)
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