Digital transformation continues to provoke significant changes in individual lives and business. Such circumstances lead to our greater dependence on digital technologies and, at the same time, opens novel opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation. Dynamic evolution of businesses requires new entrepreneurial approaches towards digitalisation strategies, organisational processes and capabilities, customer service, product development, and business models. Innovative decisions in digital technology applications for sustainable growth are a prerequisite for the majority of business markets, including healthcare, food, transportation, manufacturing, tourism, and many others. Especially, considering the COVID-2019 affected World environment, which emphasises sustainability as a priority in business processes, consumption, and technologies used.

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General Conference Co-chairs

Andy Chen
General Conference Co-chair
IEEE President

Prof. dr. David J. Teece
General Conference Co-chair
Professor in Global Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Program Co-chairs

Prof. dr. Asta Pundziene
Program Co-chair
Professor and Chief Researcher, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania;
Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, USA

Dr. Sudeendra Koushik
Program Co-chair
VP Conferences, IEEE TEMS

Prof. dr. Edita Gimzauskiene
Program Co- chair
Dean at School of Economic and Business, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Prof. dr. Iris Xiaohong Quan
Program Co-chair
Professor of Entrepreneurship, San Jose State University, USA

Prof. dr. Maximilian Joachim Von Zedtwitz
Program Co-chair
Professor and Chief Researcher, KTU;
Professor, CBS

Track Co-chairs

Dr. Richard Adams
Track Co-chair
Reader in Entrepreneurship, Cranfield University

Dr. Damaskopoulos Panagiotis
Track Co- Chair
Executive Director and Principal Investigator of the European Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR), France

Prof. dr. Lina Dagiliene
Track Co-chair
Principal Investigator at Digitalization Research Group, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Dr. Kestutis Duoba
Track Co-Chair
Vice-Dean for Research at KTU School of Economics and Business, KTU

Dr. Agne Gadeikiene
Track Co-chair
Associate Professor in Marketing, Senior Researcher, KTU

Prof. dr. Monika Petraite
Track Co-chair
Principal Investigator at Innovations and Entrepreneurship Research Group, KTU

Prof. dr. Gerda Zigiene
Track Co-chair
Professor in Finance, KTU

Dr. Christopher Mathieu
Track Co-chair
Associated Professor in Sociology, Lund University (LUND)

Dr. Alpo Värri
Track Co-chair
Research Director, Tampere University (TAU)

Industry Forum Co-chairs

Prof. dr. Rytis Krusinskas
Industry Forum Co-chair
Professor in Finance, KTU

Robert Bierwolf
Industry Forum Co-chair
Chair, Business Development Committee & VP Conferences, IEEE TEMS

Neil Sahota
Industry Forum Co-chair
President-Elect, IEEE TEMS

Lukas Geryba
Industry Forum Co-chair
Junior Researcher, KTU

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Abstract notification of acceptance
Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Submissions should relate to one of the conference theme tracks:

Track 1: Sustainability in digital entrepreneurship
Track 2: Circular economy through digitalization
Track 3: Connected healthcare innovations
Track 4: Digital transformation in industry: from recuperation to a new normal
Track 5: Sustainable consumption in digital society
Track 6: Digitalization of entrepreneurial ecosystems, connectivity of business models and opening of innovations
Track 7: Digital transformation in financial sector

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    Aug 24



    Aug 27


  • Mar 15 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Apr 12 2021

    Abstract Notification of Acceptance

  • May 31 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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