Biometrics provides efficient and reliable solutions to recognize individuals. With increasing number of identity theft and miss-use incidents we do observe a significant fraud in e-commerce and thus growing interests on trustworthiness of person authentication.

Nowadays we find biometric applications in areas like border control, national ID cards, e-banking, e-commerce, e-health etc. Large-scale applications such as the European Union SmartBorder Concept, the Visa Information System (VIS) and Unique Identification (UID) in India require high accuracy and also reliability, interoperability, scalability and usability. Many of these are joint requirements also for forensic applications.

Multimodal biometrics combined with fusion techniques can improve recognition performance. Efficient searching or indexing methods can accelerate identification efficiency. Additionally, quality of captured biometric samples can strongly influence the performance. Moreover, mobile biometrics is an emerging area and biometrics based smartphones can support deployment and acceptance of biometric systems.

However, concerns about security and privacy cannot be neglected. The relevant techniques in the area of presentation attack detection (liveness detection) and template protection are about to supplement biometric systems, in order to improve fake resistance, prevent potential attacks such as cross matching, identity theft etc.

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General Chair:  

Marta Gomez-Barrero, Christoph Busch

Program Chairs: 

Antitza Dantcheva, Christian Rathgeb, Kiran Raja, Andreas Uhl, Naser Damer

Publication Chair:  

Arslan Brömme

Publicity Chairs:  

Victor Philipp Busch, Ana Filipa Sequeira

Local Chairs: 

Alexander Nouak, Claudia Prediger

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Topics of the conference include but are not limited to: 

Biometric standards and interoperability, 
multimodal and multi-biometrics,
security analysis of biometric components or systems, 
on-card comparison, 
fake resistance, 
liveness detection, 
aging of reference data, 
template protection, 
user interface design for biometric systems, 
biometric performance measurement, 
sample quality, 
best practices, 
continuous authentication, 
forensics and other emerging applications, 
ethical, legal and sociotechnological aspects, 
biometrics for public administrations.

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    Sep 15



    Sep 17


  • May 30 2021

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  • Sep 17 2021

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