Following the success of the past International Conferences on Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (PRECEDE), the 6th edition, i.e., PRECEDE-2021, will be held during Sep. 18th- 20th, 2021 in Jinan, which is the provincial capital of Shandong and a historical city of China with over 3,500 years of culture.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to PRECEDE-2021. This international conference will be a platform to present new progress in predictive control of electrical drives, power electronics, smart- and microgrids, etc., exchange innovative ideas, promote friendship, and experience new culture. The conference will cover tutorials, keynote speeches and technical sessions on theory, analysis, design, test and applications in the aforementioned scope.

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General Chair:

Prof. Zhenbin Zhang (Shandong Uni., China)

Honorary Chairs:

Prof. Ralph Kennel (Tech. Uni. Munich, Germany)

Prof. Yugeng Xi (Shanghai Jiaotong Uni., China)

Prof. Jose Rodriguez (Uni. Andres Bello, Chile)

Prof. Dianguo Xu (Harbin Inst. of Tech., China)

Prof. Yongdong Li (Tsinghua Uni., China)

Technical Program Chairs:

Prof. Feng Gao (Shandong Uni., China)

Prof. Fengxiang Wang (Chinese Academy of Science, China)

Prof. Wei Xu (Huazhong Uni. of Sci. and Tech., China)

Prof. Yongchang Zhang (North China Uni. Tech., China)

Social Program Chairs:

Prof. Kejun Li (Shandong Uni., China)

Prof. Jinyu Wang (Shandong Uni., China)

Tutorial Chairs:

Prof. Zhen Li (Shandong Uni., China)

Prof. Wei Xie (Chinese Academy of Science, China)

Publication Chairs:

Prof. Shaopeng Wu (Harbin Inst. of Tech., China)

Prof. Zheng Dong (Shandong Uni., China)

Prof. Dehong Zhou (Uni. of Elec. Sci. and Tech. of China, China)

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Marian Kazmierkowski (Warsaw Uni. Tech., Poland)

Prof. Mario Pacas (Uni. Siegen, Germany)

Prof. Jianguo Zhu (Uni. Tech. Sydney, Australia)

Prof. Tomislav Dragicevic (Aalborg Uni., Denmark)

Prof. Gaolin Wang (Harbin Inst. of Tech., China)

Prof. Silverio Bolognani (Uni. Padova, Italy)

Prof. Tobias Geyer (ABB, Switzerland)

Prof. Vaclav Smidl (Uni. of West Bohemia, Czech Republic)


Mr. Yu Li (Shandong Uni., China)

Mr. Oluleke Babayomi (Shandong Uni., China)

Mr. Mingyuan Zhang (Shandong Uni., China)

Call for paper

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Submission Topics

—New model predictive control (MPC) methods for electrical drives and power converters.

—Robust predictive control solutions.

—Implementation issues of MPC (e.g. FPGA, DSP, etc.).

—Data-driven (modeless) predictive control techniques.

—Artificial intelligence in predictive control frame.

—Predictive control for power system, smart- and micro- grids, other energy conversion systems, etc.

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    Sep 18



    Sep 20


  • Feb 15 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Jun 15 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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