The Signal Processing Symposium is a biannual international conference that brings together students, researchers and scientists representing a broad spectrum of computer science and radio-electronics disciplines, to present their latest findings and new trends shaping future research directions in science and technology. The first SPSympo has been organized in 2003 and after 18 years it is well established and excellent forum for active participation in workshops, lectures, and scientific discussions in technical and evening sessions.

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Prof. Paweł Strumiłło Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Prof. Piotr Samczyński Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

TPC Chairs:

Prof. Andrzej Materka, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Prof. Jacek Misiurewicz Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Publications Chairs:

Dr. Artur Klepaczko, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Prof. Konrad Jędrzejewski Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Organizing Chairs:

Ms. Aleksandra Sibińska, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Ms. Marta Malik, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Organizing Committee:

Ms. Anna Borowska-Terka, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
Ms. Anna Janisz, Lodz University of Technology (Poland)

Symposium Coordinator:

Mr. Marcin Żywek, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Honorary Chair:

Prof. Krzysztof Kulpa Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

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Submission Topics

The SPSympo-2021 is a premier forum for presenting new advances and research results in the field of signal processing algorithms, related technologies and applications. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Audio Signal Processing and Voice Recognition
Algorithms for Real-Time Processing
Cognitive Functions
Compression Techniques
Fuzzy Logic
Human Factor in Signal Processing
Image Processing and Recognition
Localization and Tracking
Man Machine Interface
Radar and Sonar lmaging
Radar Signal Processing
RF and Radar Technology
Security Applications
Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Signal Processing Components
Signal and Image Processing for Medical Applications
Space Technology
Tele-lnformatics and Communication
Tomography and Medical Image Reconstruction
Waveform Design Techniques

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Sep 21



    Sep 23


  • Mar 15 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Jun 30 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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Foundation for Development of Radio Communications and Multimedia Technologies - University of Warsaw IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Lodz University of Technology Microwave and Radiolocation Foundation - MIKON Poland Section Poland Section AP/AES/MTT Joint Chapter Poland Section SP Chapter Warsaw University of Technology - Institute of Electronic Systems
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