IEEE International Conference on Sensors and Nanotechnology is organized by the IEEE Malaysia Section Sensors and Nanotechnology Joint Councils Chapter (Sen39/Nano42 CH10820) which aims to bring together researchers from industry and academia to gather and explore various issues and trend in the field of sensors and nanotechnology.

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Assoc. Prof Dr Zainal Arif Burhanudin


Ir Dr Razaidi Hussin
Dr Huzein Fahmi Hawari


Dr Noraini Othman
Dr Syarifah Norfaezah Sabki


Dr Illani Mohd Nawi


Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr Mohd Khairuddin Md Arshad (Head)
Dr Mohamad Faris Mohamad Fathil

Call for paper

Submission Topics

ST 1: Sensor Materials and Architectures

Chemical, Electrochemical and Gas Sensors
Microfluidics and Transport Mechanisms
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Optical and Microwave Sensors
Physical Sensors – Temperature, Mechanical, Magnetic and Others
Acoustic and Ultrasonic Sensors
Piezoelectric and Piezo-based sensor
Material Characterization
Sensor Fabrication Techniques

ST 2: Emerging Sensor and Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning and Neural Network
Intelligence System and AR/VR
Computer Vision and Application
Flexible Materials & Wearable Sensors
Sensors for Smart Living & Smart Cities
Sensors for Medical Robotics and Biomedical Applications
Emerging Medical Sensors

ST 3: Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Architectures, And Applications

Connectivity and Communication
Monitoring System
Ambient Assisted Living
Technologies and Standards
Wearable Computing and Body Area Networks
Wireless Surveillance
Intelligent Data Analysis And Security In Sensor Networks

ST 4: Energy, Environment and Green Technology

Green Sensor Networks
Energy Efficiency
Environment Monitoring and Control
Remote Sensing and Telemetry
Fire, Drought and Flood Monitoring
Smart Grids and Energy Control Systems
Green Technology and Applications
Robotic Technology for Enviromental Monitoring and other Application

NT 1: Materials & Devices

Metamaterials & Plasmonics
Nanodevice for energy harvesting and storage
Nanofluids materials and devices

NT 2: Properties, Fabrication and applications of interest materials

Graphene, CNTs, Nanodiamond and Nanowires
Semiconductors, e.g. Organic, Oxides, III-V
2D Materials (MoS2, hBN, etc)
Quantum dots & Nanoparticles (0-D)
Nanomagnetics and Passive Devices
Thin Films and Nanocomposites

NT 3: Special Applications of Nanotechnology

Nano-fluidics and integrated bio-chips
Biomolecules Nanotechnology
Environment, Health & Safety
Nanosensors and Nanoactuators

NT 4: Nanofabrication, Nanostructures and Nanosystems

Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization and Tools
Nanomaterials coating, surfaces and membranes
Nanopackaging, Interconnects, and Reliability of nano-chip
Reliability and other thermal issues in nano-structures and nanosystems
Standards and safety issues of nanotechnology
Synthesis and modification

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