Professors Shoji Tanaka and Walter Kosonocky, founders of the Symposia, first organized the VLSI Technology Symposium in 1981 with the hope of offering an opportunity for world's top technologists to engage in an open exchange of ideas on what was quickly becoming a revolution in the world's industrial capability. Since then, the Symposium has been held annually and has grown to be an important and valuable event for people working in the VLSI business. The presentation of high-quality papers has made it possible for attendees to learn about new directions in the development of VLSI technology. The friendly atmosphere has made this an enjoyable learning experience.

The Symposium on VLSI Technology has alternated each year between sites in US and Japan. In 1987, the first Symposium on VLSI Circuits was held in conjunction with the Technology Symposium in recognition of the growing interest to provide the same small but intense and open forum for discussing circuit and system implementations. Since then, this annual meeting has increased its value over the past 30 years. We are confident that so many new technologies and circuits were introduced in the past Symposia and thus have contributed to the prosperity of the world. Its sponsors continue to be the IEEE Electron Devices Society and Solid-State Circuits Society, and the Japan Society of Applied Physics in cooperation with the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

For many reasons, these meetings have remained linked for the past years to provide opportunities for technology people and circuit and system designers to interact with each other. These interactions are augmented with short courses, invited speakers and several evening rump sessions. In recognition of the efforts of organizers, authors and participants to make the Symposia successful, there is ample banquet and entertainment prearranged.

VLSI 2021 will be held in a fully virtual format due to COVID-19.

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Tadahiro KurodaThe Univ. of Tokyo


Tadahiro KurodaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Steve S. ChungNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Toshiro HiramotoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Digh HisamotoHitachi, Ltd.
Makoto IkedaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Satoshi InabaKioxia Corp.
Taisuke IwaiFujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Meishoku MasaharaAIST
Takashi MiyamoriToshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp.
Katsura MiyashitaToshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp.
Yasunori MochizukiNEC Corp.
Tohru MogamiAIST, Nanoelectronics Research Institute
Hiroki MorimuraNTT Device Innovation Center
Masato MotomuraTokyo Institute of Technology
Katsu NakamuraAnalog Devices, Inc.
Masaaki NiwaThe Univ. of Tokyo
Yusuke OikeSony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
Ken TakeuchiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Tetsuzo UedaPanasonic Corp.
Hitoshi WakabayashiTokyo Institute of Technology
Shinya YamakawaSony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.
Kazuo YanoHitachi, Ltd.
Hoi-Jun YooKAIST
Kevin ZhangTSMC

Call for paper

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The VLSI Technology symposium calls for papers in the following areas:

• CMOS Technology, Microprocessors and SoCs
• Stand-Alone and Embedded Memories
• Technologies for Quantum Computing and New Computing
• RF / Analog / Digital Technologies and Sensors
• Process and Material Technologies
• Advanced Packaging Technologies
• Photonics Technology and Imaging Technology
• Beyond CMOS Devices, incl. Cryo-CMOS Technology

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    Jun 13



    Jun 19


  • Feb 08 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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