ISSI2021 is part of a long series of biennial conferences launched in 1987 that provide an international forum for scientists, research managers and administrators, as well as information professionals to share research and debate the advancements of informetric and scientometric theory and applications. 

The conference is organised by KU Leuven in close collaboration with the University of Antwerp under the auspices of ISSI - the International Society for Informetrics and Scientometrics.

Due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic situation and the resulting risks for planning and organising a full-fledged conference with physical presence of attendees, the organisers decided to go virtual next year. 

Call for paper

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The goal of ISSI2021 is to bring together scholars and practitioners in the domain of informetrics, bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics and altmetrics to discuss new research directions, advanced methods and theories, and to highlight the best research in this area. 

Submission Topics

With this scope in mind, major conference topics of interest include, but not limited to:

Informetric theory
Methods and techniques
Citation and co-citation analysis
Research collaboration, mobility
and internationalisation
Knowledge dissemination, integration
and interdisciplinarity
Bibliometric indicators – presence and future
Webometrics and altmetrics
Science mapping and visualization
Science policy and research assessment
University policy and institutional rankings
Communication channels:
periodicals, proceedings, books
and electronic publications
Knowledge discovery and data mining
Bibliometrics-aided information retrieval
Data sources and data processing
Data harmonisation and integration
Macro-, meso- and micro-level studies
Open science – open access and open data
Patent analysis
Science-technology interface
Data accuracy and disambiguation
Scientific fraud and dishonesty

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    Jul 12



    Jul 15


  • Apr 26 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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