The 2021 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting will be held 25-29 July 2021 in Washington, DC. This premier power engineering conference will bring together practicing power engineers and academics from all over the world. The aim of the conference is to provide an international forum for experts to promote, share, and discuss various issues and developments in the field of electrical power engineering.

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Grid Resiliency

• System vulnerability assessment
• Recent blackouts
• System recovery and black start
• Maintain system reliability: stability, security criteria, load shedding
• Renewables, Storage, Activity demand, embedded generation
• Smart grid technology
• Technical, economic, social and regulatory aspects
• Response to pandemic

Grid Edge – Devices, Control, Applications and System Operation

• Integrated and distributed control, model and optimization
• Deep visibility via communication and measurements of multiscale granular power systems
• IoT for Transactive Energy
• Grids of microgrids
• Building-to-Grid Convergence
• Transportation electrification
• BTM impact to system operation

Resource and Transmission Adequacy for Future Power System

• Resource Adequacy
• Transmission Adequacy
• Grid architecture
• Inverter based resources
• Energy Storage
• Solid State Transformers
• Participation in Electricity Markets

Impact of Climate Change on the Power Grid

• Climate change policy and its impact on power grid
• The impact of Extreme weather on power grid
• Wildfire prevention: methods and industry experiences
• Lessons learned: how utilities have prepared for hurricane season
• Power grid resilience under climate change
• Impact on system planning and operation
• Impact to load forecasting

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    Jul 25



    Jul 29


  • Nov 16 2020

    Draft paper submission deadline

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