Designed and created each year for the conference, SCinet is a global collaboration of high-performance networking experts who provide the fastest and most powerful volunteer-built network in the world for the SC Conference.

Since SC91, SCinet has provided SC attendees and the HPC community with the innovative network platform necessary to connect, transport, and display HPC research at SC from around the world. In addition to high-performance demos, SCinet supports wired and wireless connections for attendees to maintain connectivity to the rest of the world.

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Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Algorithms for discrete and combinatorial optimization
Algorithms for hybrid and heterogeneous systems with accelerators
Algorithms for numerical methods and algebraic systems
Data-intensive parallel algorithms
Energy- and power-efficient algorithms
Fault-tolerant algorithms
Graph and network algorithms
Load balancing and scheduling algorithms
Uncertainty quantification methods
Other high performance computing algorithms
Bioinformatics and computational biology
Computational earth and atmospheric sciences
Computational materials science and engineering
Computational astrophysics/astronomy, chemistry, and physics
Computational fluid dynamics and mechanics
Computation and data enabled social science
Computational design optimization for aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and industrial applications
Computational medicine and bioengineering
Improved models, algorithms, performance or scalability of specific applications and respective software
Use of uncertainty quantification, statistical, and machine-learning techniques to improve a specific HPC application
Other high performance applications
Architectures to support extremely heterogeneous composable systems (e.g., chiplets)
Design-space exploration / Performance projection for future systems
Evaluation and measurement on testbed or production hardware systems
Hardware acceleration of containerization and virtualization mechanisms for HPC
Interconnect technologies, topology, switch architecture, optical networks, software-defined networks
I/O architecture/hardware and emerging storage technologies
Power-efficient design and power-management strategies
Resilience, error correction, high availability architectures
Scalable and composable coherence (for cores and accelerators)
Secure architectures, side-channel attacks, and mitigation
Software/hardware co-design, domain specific language support
HPC, cloud, and edge computing convergence at infrastructure and software level
Job/workflow scheduling, load balancing, resource provisioning, energy efficiency, fault tolerance, and reliability
Methods, systems, and architectures for big data and data stream processing in HPC and cloud systems
Parallel programming models and tools at the intersection of cloud, edge, and HPC
Self-configuration, management, information services, monitoring, and introspective system software
Security and identity management in HPC and cloud systems
Scalable HPC and machine learning case studies on distributed and/or cloud systems
Virtualization and containerization to support HPC and emerging uses such as machine learning
Cloud-based analytics at scale
Databases and scalable structured storage for HPC
Data mining, analysis, and visualization for modeling and simulation
Data analytics and frameworks supporting data analytics
Ensemble analysis and visualization
I/O performance tuning, benchmarking, and middleware
Next-generation storage systems and media
Parallel file, object, key-value, campaign, and archival systems
Provenance, metadata, and data management
Reliability and fault tolerance in HPC storage
Scalable storage, metadata, namespaces, and data management
Storage tiering, entirely on-premise internal tiering as well as tiering between on-premise and cloud
Storage innovations using machine learning such as predictive tiering, failure, etc.
Storage networks
Scalable Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid storage
Storage systems for data-intensive computing

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    Nov 14



    Nov 19


  • Apr 02 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Apr 09 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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