The IPMHVC conference has traditionally been held every two years and is an applied and research-oriented conference concerning repetitive pulsed power and power modulator technology, as well as high voltage theory, components, diagnostics, and subsystems. The IPMHVC Technical Program will cover our traditional subjects in Dielectrics, Electromagnetic Phenomena, Emitters, High Voltage and Power Modulator Components, and Power Modulator Systems and Applications.  We will feature up to three short courses.  The event will include exhibitions representing state-of-the-art capabilities from government, universities, and industry. Specific technical topics include power conditioning and pulse shaping, high energy systems, energy storage devices and components, rotating machines and energy converters, high rep-rate systems and thermal management, high voltage design and analysis, high power microwaves and antennas, electromagnetic propagation, and prime power systems.
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The IPMHVC is held every other year during even years and typically occurs during one of the summer months. Abstracts are invited for submission during the fall of the preceding year and example technical program topics include the following.

New and Novel Applications of Power Modulators
Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems and Accelerators
Power Modulator Configurations and Systems
Solid State Power Modulators, Components, Switches, and Systems
Opening and Closing Switches
Solid State Switches
Capacitive and Inductive Charging of Power Modulator Systems
Rotating Machines and Energy Converters
Repetitive Pulsed Magnetics and Applications
Lasers, X-Rays, EUV, and Other Emitters
Beams, Accelerators, Radar, and RF Applications
Biological, Medical, and Environmental Applications of Power Modulators
Dielectric Breakdown in Components and Power Modulators
High Power Microwaves and High Power Pulse Antennas
Electromagnetic Launchers and High Current Systems and Applications
Power Modulator Applications in Vacuum/Low Pressure
Diagnostics in Power Modulators
Analytical Methods, Modeling, and Simulation
Dielectrics, Insulation, and Breakdown
Partial Discharge Testing – High Frequency Breakdown
High Voltage Devices and Components
High Voltage Design and Analysis
High Voltage Testing and Diagnostics
Insulation Thermal Aging
Insulation in Low Pressure Environments
Reliability and Transient Suppression
Power Electronics and Power Supplies
Prime Power and Power Systems
High Rep-Rate Systems and Thermal Management

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    Jun 19



    Jun 22


  • Feb 01 2022

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