This international conference aims to bring together scientists from academia, national laboratories and industrial research and development sectors, to discuss the most recent advancements in the science and technology of materials for ferroelectric, dielectric, and solid ionic applications, spanning a broad range of topics from theory and modeling, to processing, and characterization, as well as to the development of new applications and devices. In materials research, characterization of defects and their role in property modification is particularly addressed.
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Submission Topics

  1. Bulk Materials (Ceramics, Single crystals, Polymers and Liquid crystals & composites)
  2. Applications (Energy harvesting devices, Medical transducers, sensors & devices in harsh environments, High power ultrasound in medicine & materials science, Novel applications (connectorless power supplies using piezos, etc.)), Actuators, MRI Concepts (Dielectrics for focusing and etc.)
  3. Dielectrics (Ultra high-K materials, Capacitors, RF and THz materials & properties)
  4. Conduction Phenomena, Point Defects & Nanoionics (Multilevel ferroelectric devices, Electroresistive and neuromorphic systems, Fundamental aspects of ionic motion & defects in functional oxides, Ferroelectric and magnetoresistive barriers, Fuel cells and air batteries and Energy storage systems)
  5. Ferroelectrics & Antiferroelectrics for Energy Applications (Ferroelectric photovoltaics, Electrocaloric materials & devices, Thermoelectric materials and devices)
  6. Domain Engineering (Electrooptical materials and Materials with enhanced properties)
  7. Multiferroics and Magnetoelectric Effects
  8. Ferroelectric Memory Materials & Devices
  9. New Characterization Techniques (Non-contact scanning probe microsocpies, Piezo-response force microscopy, Focused X-ray microscopy, Optical near field imaging and Broadband dielectric spectroscopy)
  10. Nanoscale Phenomena (Nanostructure and size effects on piezo-/ferroelectric properties)
  11. Optical Phenomena (Storage devices, Signal processing, Photonic band-gaps and Periodic poling)
  12. Novel Advances in Ferroelectrics
  13. Pyroelectric Materials and Devices
  14. Piezoelectricity (Lead-based piezo-ceramics, High-performance piezoelectric single crystals, MEMS and other integrated piezo-devices and Lead-free piezoelectrics)
  15. Theory and Modelling (Phase transitions, Domain structure, Density functional theory, Critical phenomena and First-principles calculations)
  16. Relaxor Ferroelectrics/Dielectrics
  17. Ferroelectric Photovoltaics (photostriction, Bulk and barrier photovoltaic effect, photoconductivity, photopoling, etc.)
  18. Thick & Thin Films (Preparation, characterization & applications)
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    Jul 01


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