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The Technology Roadmap 2.0 of Intelligent & Connected Vehicles was released in November, 2020. This updated roadmap has made certain rules on top-level architecture, industrilization promotion and applications. It also proposes overall goals for China's automobile industry by 2035, which include that intelligent connected vehicle technologies will be mature and widely applied. High-level autonomous vehicles will enter the market by 2025, and will be widely used on highways by 2030. And by 2035, autonomous vehicles are expected to be able to run with other vehicles on the same road. With the theme of ' Transformation, Innovation, Collaboration, Convergence', the 4th Autonomous Vehicle World Congress China 2021 will gather the entire industry of autonomous driving, and discuss the policies development of China AD Industry, technology innovation, commercialization progress, software-defined vehicles, data-driven autonomous vehicles. It aims to provide a more professional platform for China autonomous driving industry, and strengthen the technology collaborative innovation and industry convergence which will expect the next generation of autonomous & smart mobility together.

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