Interests in control science and system engineering have been increasing and becoming important in this modern technicological age. This international conference allows the results of hard work and forward thinkers to be championed to our peers and the world. The depth of the research workspresented is even greater than those in the previous conferences.

Following the success of ICCSSE 2014 in Yantai of China, ICCSSE 2016 in Singapore, ICCSSE 2017 in Beijing, ICCSSE 2018 in Wuhan, and ICCSSE 2019 in Shanghai, ICCSSE 2020 in Beijing (virtual), the 7th ICCSSE will take place in Qingdao, China during July 30-August 1, 2021. The conference is co-sponsored by China Agricultural University and IEEE.

Plan now to be part of this exceptional conference, as an attendee, event sponsor, or exhibitor. ICCSSE 2021 is where you will meet and network with energy leaders, business innovators, researchers, academics and policy makers from across the globe.


General Chairs
Prof. Yifei Chen, China Agricultural University, China
Prof. Chun-Yi Su, Concordia University, Canada

General Co-Chair
Prof. Shuqi Shang, Qingdao Agricultural University, China

Program Chairs
Prof. Maria Pia Fanti, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy / IEEE Fellow
Prof. Qinglei Hu, Beihang University, China

Program Co-Chairs
Prof. Qingguang Yu, Tsinghua University, China
Prof. Adrian Olaru, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Steering Committee
Prof. Qiaoxue Dong, China Agricultural University, China
Prof. Chunzhan Yu, Beijing Forestry University, China

Special Session Chairs
Prof. Chenguang Yang, South China University of Technology, China
Prof. Fan Yang, Huaqiao University, China
Prof. Jianying Zheng, Beihang University, China
Prof. Chunqing Huang, Xiamen University, China
Prof. Min Wang, South China University of Technology, China

Publicity Chairs
Prof. Hongsong Chen, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
Prof. Joo-Hoo Lee, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Prof. Jing Ren, Ontario Tech University, Canada
Prof. Li Shufeng, Communication University of China, China

Publication Chair
Prof. L.F. SHEN, Qingdao University of Agriculture, China

Technical Committee
Ming Zhao, China Agricultural University, China
Dong An, China Agricultural University, China
Weizhong Yang, China Agricultural University, China
Yiming Xue, China Agricultural University, China
Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu, Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara, Romania
Walter Ukovich, University of Trieste, Italy
Wudhichai Assawinchaichote, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand
Marco Castellani, University of Birmingham, UK
Abdelghani Chahmi, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria
Chun-chih Chen, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
Mona N. Eskander, Electronics Research Institute(ERI), Egypt
Barmak Honarvar, Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR, Czech Republic
Hamid Reza Karimi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Mingxing Lin, Shandong University, China
Mo Hongwei, Harbin Engineering University, China
Afshin Rahimi, University of Windsor, Canada
Martin Stava, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Yu Tang, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico
TSE, W.T., Peter, City University of Hong Kong
Wen-Yen Wu, I-Shou University, Taiwan
Liang-wei Xia, Harbin Boiler Company Limited, China
Yong Xu, Army Engineering University, CPLA, China
Jiann-Shiou Yang, University of Minnesota, USA
Yingxin Zhang, Unit 31002 of the PLA, China
Haibo Zhao, Tongling University, China
Jun Zhou, Hohai University, China
Debao Zhou, University of Minnesota, USA
Kangkang Sun, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Yaguang Zhu, Chang’an University, China
Xiaohui Zou, China University of Geosciences(Beijing)&Peking University, China
Agostino Marcello Mangini, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
Michele Roccotelli, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

The primary focus of the conference is on new and original research results in the areas of theoretical findings, design, implementation, and applications. Both theoretical paper and simulation (experimental) results are welcome.

Submission Topics

The scientific program will largely but not uniquely, concentrate around the CFP listed below:

  • Embedded Control Systems
  • Adaptive Control Techniques
  • Object-Oriented Petri Nets
  • Petri Nets
  • Model-Based Diagnosis
  • Lisp Programming
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Real-Time and Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • Alarming and Fault Diagnosis Systems
  • Fuzzy Control Systems
  • Neuro Controllers
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Controllers
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Robust Control
  • Stability, Controllability and Observations
  • Multidimensional Systems
  • Robot and Manipulator Control
  • Pursuing and Tracking
  • Linear and Non-Linear Systems
  • Power System Control
  • Perceptual Control Systems
  • Autonomous Traffic and Transport Systems
  • Modeling and Simulator Building
  • Modeling, Estimation and Prediction
  • Automatic Control of Chemical Processes
  • Automotive Control Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Thermal System Control
  • Process Control
  • Sensors, Actuators and Transducers
  • Industrial Control Electronics
  • Biologically inspired Control Techniques
  • Data Acquisition and Measurement Engineering
  • Studies on Signal and System
  • Large Scale Control Systems
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Stochastic Control
  • Aerospace Control Systems
  • Defense and Military Systems Control
  • Digital and Analogue Control
  • Motion and Navigation Control
  • Temporal and Spectral System Analysis
  • Studies on nuclear systems control
  • Control Analysis of Social and Human Systems
  • Biomedical Control Systems
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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Jul 30



    Aug 01


  • Apr 05 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Apr 30 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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China Agricultural University
IEEE Beijing Section
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