Briefly, AI-CSP provides a huge opportunity for researchers, PhD students, academics and industry professionals around the world to share their work and participate in special workshop about the last modern technology and its application. We hope you will join us to ensure a productive exchange of ideas and a lively interaction among the participants. We look forward to seeing you in El Oued!

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General Chair 

Abdelkader Laouid, El Oued University, Algeria

Honorary Chair 

Ferhati Omar, Rector of El Oued University

Executive Honorary Chair 

Abdelouahab Mansour, Science Exact faculty Dean, El Oued University

Technical Program Committee co-Chairs 

Abdelkader Hima, El Oued University, Algeria
Abdelouahab Mekhaldi, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger
Noureddine Chaib, University of Laghouat
Fatma zohra chelali, University of Science and Technology Houari
Drid Said, University of Batna 2
Omar Sami Oubbati, University of Laghouat

Proceeding Chair 

Saci Medileh, El Oued University, Algeria

Workshop co-Chairs

Ahcène Bounceur, UBO, France
Kamel Ad, UQO, Canada

Local Organizers 

Saci Medileh, Messaoud Abbas, Ben Ali Abdelkamel, Monir Beggas, Ammar
Boucherit, Faouzi Zaiz, Sana Sahar Guia, Kara Mostefa, Ismail Kertiou
Abdennacer Khelaifa, Mohammed Charaf Eddine Meftah, Yagoub Mohamed Lamine

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Security, Blockchain and IoT

Cybersecurity architecture and policy,
Security issues in social networks,
Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Analytics,
The impact of the AI on the security of IoT,
Intelligent secure systems,
Secure cloud computing,
Trust Management system for Wireless, Mobile and Sensor networks,
Agent Based Trust Management,

Artificial Intelligence and Image processing

Hybrid Learning models and methods
Image recognition and interpretation
AI applications in business, industry and entertainment
Intelligent buildings and warehouses
Intelligent business decisions
Intelligent Data Analysis
Airspace Control, Traffic and Transportation
Optical Character Recognition
Deep Learning for Vision
Pattern Recognition
Image Processing Techniques and Methods o RGBD Analysis
Color Processing

Security and privacy in 5G, B5G and 6G communications

Non-orthogonal multiple access techniques in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
Cognitive radio in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
Channel modeling in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
Performance analysis in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
MmWave techniques in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
Optical communications in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications
Signal processing in 5G, B5G and 6G Communications

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 20



    Nov 21


  • Sep 30 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Nov 05 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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Algeria Section University of El-Oued
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