The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI’2021), to be held on 5th, 6th, & 7th April 2021 by National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) at the premises of National University of Sciences and Technologies in Islamabad is a 3 day conference bringing together an international community of practitioners and researchers to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field.

The conference will cover innovation and scientific research in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaning, Data Fusion, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, Decision Support Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Cybersecurity, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Assistive Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Biologically inspired neural networks, Data Sciences and Industry 4.0 etc with a focus on the emerging needs of humankind in the rapidly developing science and technology frontier.

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Submission Topics

Artificial Intelligence Applications
Autonomous Systems
Assistive Robotics
Intelligent Systems
Convolutional Neural Networks
Cybersecurity and AI
Data Fusion
Data Mining and Information Retrieval
Decision Support Systems
Artificial Neural Networks
Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics
Deep Learning and Cybersecurity
Deep Learning and Forensics
Deep Learning and Real Time Systems
Deep Learning and Social Networks
Biologically inspired Neural Network
Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
Natural Language Processing
Speech Understanding
AI Chip and Neurocomputation
Smart City
Intelligent Robotics
AI Ethics and Regulations

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    Apr 05



    Apr 07


  • Jan 30 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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