Welcome to 2021 IEEE the 6th Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC 2021)
The big leaps in optoelectronic technology and academia have drawn increasing attention from the industry community which is always in searching of innovative solutions. IEEE Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC) was created to pave the way to connecting optoelectronic academia and industry as well as connecting China and the rest of the world.

2021 IEEE the 6th Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC 2021) will be held concurrently with the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) in Shenzhen, China, from August 31, 2021 to September 03, 2021. OGC 2021 is sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society and Guangzhou Photonics Chapter, hosted by Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology.

The conference aims to promote interaction and exchange of various disciplines among professionals in academia and industry at home and abroad. In addition, it also serves to turn technologies into industrial applications. It’s expected that 300-500 professionals will attend the conference.

OGC will be an ideal platform for scholars, researchers and professionals to exchange insights and discuss the development of the optoelectronics industry. It will be a perfect gathering to learn about new perspectives, technologies and trends which might push the boundaries of the technology and eventually creates a broader future for optoelectronics applications.

9 symposia are being arranged in the conference with the topics covering precision optics, optical communications, lasers, infrared applications, and fiber sensors. Welcome the professionals, experts, managements and students from the universities, research institutions, military enterprises, and optoelectronic companies to attend the conference.

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2021 IEEE the 6th Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC 2021) will cover all major areas in optoelectronics, optical communications and fundamental optics along with workshops in areas of current interest.Topics interested but not limited to:

S1. Laser Technology


Mid-infrared Lasers
Ultrafast Laser Science and Technology
Laser manufacturing
High Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science
Quantum Information and Measurement
Biomedical and Therapeutic Laser Applications
Laser Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Fiber Lasers and Applications
Waveguide Lasers
Semiconductor Lasers and LEDs
Plasma Technologies

S2. Optical Communication and Networks


Integration of Optical and Wireless Networking
Radio over Fiber Technologies
Visible Light and Free-space Optical Communication
Under Water Optical Communications
High-Capacity Coherent Optical Communication
High-Speed Optical Access Technologies
Short-Reach Optical Interconnect for Data Center Networks
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Optical Modulation and Signal Processing
Lasers and Photonic Components
Space Division Multiplexing Technologies
New Optical Fiber Technologies
Optical Networks Performance Modeling
Emerging Network Architecture in 5G and Edge Computing
Design, Control and Management of Optical Networks
Secure Optical Communication

S3. Near-infrared, Mid-infrared and Far-infrared Technologies and Applications


Infrared detector materials and devices
Infrared cameras and systems
Infrared detectors and imaging applications
Semiconductor materials for infrared and mid-IR lasers
Novel infrared semiconductor lasers and related applications
Novel infrared materials for photovoltaics
Information acquisition & signal processing technologies
Testing and simulation technologies
Environment characteristics of target and atmospheric transmission
Applications in remote sensing, navigation, communication, environmental protection, public security, medicine and industrial inspection
Smart and fiber-optic sensors
Nondestructive tests and evaluation
Near-, mid-, and long-wavelength systems

S4. Quantum Optics and Information


Structural light design
Optical simulation technology
Optical technology and application in intelligent driving
Dielectric free light field holography
AR VR technology and application
Optical waveguide technology
Arrays and holographic waveguides
Holographic grating
Surface fault detection technology for precision optical components
Microlens technology and its applications
Super-precision optical manufacturing and equipment
Testing for super-precision optical surface and equipment
Ultra-precision freeform surfaces design, manufacturing and Testing
Large lens and mirrors manufacturing and testing
Design, manufacturing and testing of micro and nano optical devices and systems
Optical thin film coating and testing
Super-precision optical manufacturing and testing for complex shape optical elements
Optoelectronics components and modules integration and manufacturing

S5. Fiber-Based Technologies and Applications


Micro- and nano-structured fibers
Soft glass fibers
Crystal fibers
Fiber designs and theory
New processes for fiber manufacturing
New methods for fiber measurement
Active fibers for high power lasing
Fibers for ultrafast lasers/ supercontinuum generation
Fibers for high energy delivery
Fibers for sensing
Fibers for gyroscopes
Fiber for diagnostics and therapy
Fibers for wearable devices
Fibers/bundles for imaging
Fibers for optical communication
Fibers for optical signal processing

S6. Optoelectronic Devices and Applications


Millimeter, submillimeter, and far-infrared detectors and instrumentation
Ultra-violet, visible and infrared sensing and imaging technology
Combination of active and passive optical sensing
Cryogenic optics technology
Adaptive Optoelectronics
Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging
Optical Instrumentation
Optics in Astronomy and Astrophysics
Spectroscopy, Imaging and Metrology
Photorefractive Effects, Materials and Devices
Optical Materials and Devices
Light-matter Interaction
Data center optics beyond 400G
Applied Industrial Optics

S7. Biophotonics and Optical Biomedicine


Clinical and Translational Biophotonics
Microscopy, Histopathology and Analytics
Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy
Cardiac Optogenetics
In-Vivo Label-Free Optical Spectroscopy
Photoacoustic tomography or microscopy, acousto-optical imaging
Optical coherence tomography: light sources, systems, and applications
Nonlinear microscopy, coherent Raman scattering microscopy, and high-resolution microscopy techniques
Biomedical optical spectroscopy and imaging: systems and applications
Tissue optics
Optical trapping and manipulation, and their applications in biophotonics
Lasers, supercontinuum lasers, fiber lasers and their biomedical applications

S8. AI Photonics

S9. Silicon Photonics

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