108 / 2021-07-23 21:06:33
Decoupling Levitation Control of Maglev Train Based on Backstepping Control
Final Paper
Yougang Sun / and Institute of Rail Transit Tongji University;National Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center
Junqi Xu / Tongji University
Yang Lu / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sumei Wang / may.sm.wang@polyu.edu.hk
To solve the suspension control problems of maglev train with longitudinal coupling and unmeasured suspension air gap velocity, and considering the suspension air gap constraints, this paper proposed a backstepping control method for the suspension system of maglev train with output constraints based on extended state observer. First, a unilateral levitation model of the magnetic levitation system is established. The two suspension points have their own control units. For the current suspension point, the influence of the other suspension point on this suspension point can be regarded as external interference. In order to achieve decoupling and observe the velocity of suspension gap and external disturbance, an extended state observer is designed. Subsequently, for the safe operation of the maglev train, the suspension air gap is restricted to restrict it to the safe range, and the backstepping controller is further designed. Finally, the numerical simulation comparison between PD control method and this method proves that this method has stronger timeliness and robustness, can effectively estimate the velocity of suspended air gap and external interference, and can ensure that the output air gap of suspension system is within a safe range.
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