109 / 2021-07-25 14:16:18
Quality Prediction of Laer Induced Graphene using Convolutional Neural Network
Final Paper
Yaowu Hu / Wuhan University
Feilong Jiang / Wuhan University
Zhe Zhao / Wuhan University
Zheng Huang / Wuhan University
海东 邵 / Hunan University
Min Xia / Lancaster University
Laser induced graphene (LIG) technology is considered as the most effective method of massively producing 3D graphene. However, the identification of whether the product of laser producing process is graphene or something else is not trifling. In this paper, we utilize a machine learning method to predict the production quality of LIG utilizing the images captured by a high-speed camera during the manufacturing process. The experimental result shows that the convolutional neural network (CNN)-based method can successfully distinguish different production qualities with high accuracy.
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