114 / 2021-08-04 17:26:33
Laser Induced Graphene in Situ Monitoring by CDBN
Final Paper
Zhe Zhao / Wuhan University
Yaowu Hu / Wuhan University
Min Xia / Lancaster University
海东 邵 / Hunan University
Feilong Jiang / Wuhan University
Zheng Huang / Wuhan University
With the wide use of 3D graphene, laser induce graphene (LIG) has attracted much attention from many researchers. However, during the manufacturing process of LIG, the formation and crystallization quality of 3D graphene will be affected by the variation of process parameters and the processing environment. To address these problems, we propose a novel in situ monitoring method for the process of LIG based on convolutional deep belief network. The convolutional operator can effectively extract the information of source images collected during the LIG process. The developed approach can effectively classify the different quality states of LIG production.
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