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According to Boeing,China is expected to add 7,000 civilian aircrafts by 2035, which will create a shortage of 110,000 pilots at that time. How to optimize the existing training model, upgrade the existing equipment and combine the cutting-edge technologies such as VR&AR, to meet the needs of different aviation training stage, and to improve the efficiency of pilot learning result transformation while shortening training time, are highly focused by the entire aviation training industry.

In addition, although reliability of aircraft systems continues to increase on account of the increasingly complete aircraft design, the probability of accidents caused by human keeps climbing. In this case, the training on the pilot's core competency will be an indispensable part of the aviation training mechanism, which is crucial to reduce the "black swan" incident during flight process. Therefore, establish an effective mechanism on the selection of pilots and captains, constantly optimize the curriculum's content and structure, strengthen the teaching ability of instructors, promoting school-enterprise cooperation, increase training-job matching, pay attention to the construction of pilot psychological quality, are the realistic ways to solve the current shortage problem of mature pilots, and improve the quality of instructors and pilots.

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【Hot Topics】

  1. Establish Flight Training System with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era
  2. Flight Accidents Analyze: Report of a Worldwide Study
  3. How to Optimize Upgrade Mechanism and Evaluation Management System of Co-pilot
  4. Deepen the Multi-crew Pilot License  Training to Improve the Efficiency of Co-pilot Transport
  5. Deepen EBT and CBT Combination, Improve Pilot's Operating Skills 
  6. The transformation of the instructor under the trend of cultivating the core competence of pilots
  7. How to Improve Full Life Cycle Management of Pilot skill
  8. How VR-AR Technology Promotes the Integration of Theory and Practice of Pilot Training
  9. Challenges and Countermeasures of "Big Data & Flight Training" Strategy Implementation
  10. How to Build an Effective System of CRM, to Improve the Risk Management Ability of the Fleet
  11. From Simulator to Reality: How to Reduce the Negative Transfer Effect
  12. C919 Training Scenario Simulation Courseware Development
  13. Exploration and Establishment of Flight Work Style Quantitative Management System
  14. Quality Control of Pilot Training for Non-skill Upgrading
  15. Establish a Complete and Efficient Training System from Cadets to Captains
  16. How to Tackle the Difficulties of Type Rating Training
  17. How Different "Levels" of UPRT Affect Different Stages of Professional Pilots' Career
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