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The 3rd International Symposium on Nanocellulosic Materials,3rd ISNCM will be held on July 23-25, 2021, in Guangzhou, China. It is sponsored by China Paper Society and organized by South China University of Technology.

Researches on nanocellulose-based materials are springing up like mushroom due to the unique features with green, eco-friendly and super mechanical strength, which attracted a great concern in the field of high-performance materials and high technology. Materials based on nanocellulose become a hot division in the materials science. Because the raw sources are the same as that of paper industry, the nanocellulose is now widely applied to develop a significant new division to produce nano-paper, special paper, etc.

The objective of the 3rd ISNCM is provide a platform for researchers and technicians in the field of nanocellulose based materials at home and abroad to share their novel discoveries and their latest progresses. The 3rd ISNCM will continue the feature of last two successful conferences. The 1st and 2nd ISNCMs were held in Hangzhou and Tianjin, which drive the theoretical research and industrialization of nanocellulose-based novel materials and related technologies.

The topics of this conference include chemistry of nanomaterials based on nanocellulose, novel methods for nanocellulose preparation, surface chemistry of nanomaterials, modification of nanocellulose, application of nanomaterials, etc.

All researchers in the world are welcome to the conference, and we hope you can enjoy the meeting and the Chinese prospective City-Guangzhou.

The website of the conference will be available soon.

Call for paper

You are welcome to submit an abstract before May 31st, 2021. Template is attached for your convenience. Each contribution will be considered by the committee members of the conference, and the result will be notified by June 15th, 2021. Those accepted are encouraged but not obliged to submit an extended abstract. Please use Microsoft Word in preparing your manuscripts. All the accepted contributions will be combined into a conference preprint, and an electronic copy will be delivered to every participant. In a later date, with your permission, your abstract will be included in a proceeding, or recommended for publication in our scientific journals. 
The main scope of the conference is intended to include (but not limited to):

Submission Topics

1)Chemistry of nanomaterials based on nanocellulose
2)Highly efficient methods for preparation nanocellulosic materials 
3)Surface chemistry of nanocellulosic materials 
4)Modification of nanocellulosic materials 
5)Applications of nanocellulosic materials in traditional areas (e.g. paper and packaging products)
6)Applications of nanocellulosic materials in non-traditional areas (e.g. rheology modifiers, food additives, coating & paintings, oil & gas, composites, etc.)
7)Novel and emerging applications of nanocellulosic materials (medicine, biology, etc.)
8)Other related topics.

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