AboutCommunication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies; Computing and Processing; General Topics for Engineers; Geoscience; Signal Processing and Analysis
Keywords:Disaster Management,Communications And Networking,Information and Communication Technologies,Disaster Detection,Disaster Prevention,Crowd sourcing,Internet of Things,Geo- Information for disaster management,Security,Geographic Information Systems,Decision Support System,Emergency management,ICT in the management of epidemics or pandemics,Other topics related to the domain of ICT-DM.
Scope:Disaster management is multifaceted process to reduce the impact of disasters and provide assistance to affected populations. It involves information and communication-intensive activities before, during and after disaster strikes. The revolutionary potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) lies in their ability to instantly and continuously facilitate rapid communication and flow of information, capital, ideas, people and products. Because of this potential, ICTs have shown usefulness for addressing various challenges including those related to disaster management. ICT-DM 2021 aims to bring together academics and practitioners who are involved in ICT activities for emergency services, ad hoc planning and disaster management and recovery, in order to learn about the latest research developments, share experiences and information about this area and develop recommendations.
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