The rapid advancement and ubiquitous penetration of mobile networks, web-based information creation and sharing, and software-defined networking technology enable us to sense, predict and control the physical world. On top of the resulting Internet of Things (IoT), business models and processes have been redesigned across a broad range of industries.

To maximize the social and economic benefits of technology, issues of interoperability, data and service mash-ups, the development of open platforms, and standardization across technology layers have to be addressed. Another breakthrough technology, blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT), has the potential to help address some of the IoT security and scalability challenges. IoT and blockchain are working together in unison to make the world a better-connected place.

The technical program features peer reviewed technical paper presentations, Posters To complement the program, we are organizing keynotes from distinguished two speakers. In addition to the core technical program, IoT 2020 includes , Demos, open source projects, exhibitions from service providers and solution vendors.

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Salil Kanhere UNSW Sydney 
V.Bhattacharjee,BIT Mesra             
Sandeep Shukla,IIT Kanpur


K.Sridhar Patnaik ,BIT Mesra

ORGANIZING CO-CHAIR:                  

Itu Snigdh,BIT Mesra

Finance Chair:

K.K.Senapati,BIT Mesra

Sponsorship Chair: 

Vishal Shah, D.Chand,BIT Mesra

Publicity Chair: 

B.Karn, V.Nath,BIT Mesra


Pratyush Mishra

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

Track 1: IoT and Enabling Technologies

• Cloud and Fog Computing
• Data Analytics for AI & IoT
• Edge and Cloud Architectures
• AI and Machine Learning in IoT
• Communication Technologies
• Actuation and Analytics
• Cyber Physical Systems
• Smart and Intelligent Transportation
• Smart Traffic Lights
• Smart Cities
• Smart Grid and Energy Management
• Smart Home
• Industrial IoT
• Smart Agriculture

Track 2: Blockchain Technology

• Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
• Distributed Consensus and Fault Tolerance Mechanisms
• Security, Privacy and Trust Blockchain Technology
• Performance Analysis and Optimization
• Smart Contracts and chain code
• Applications and services based on Blockchain
• Protocols and Algorithms based on Blockchain
• Blockchain in Social Networking, supply chain and agriculture
• Blockchain in crowd sourcing and crowd sensing
• Blockchain in Edge and Cloud Computing
• Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Track 3: IoT And Blockchain

• Novel applications of blockchains for IoT and CPSs
• Experimental evaluations of blockchain-based IoT and CPSs
• Optimization for addressing scale and latency issues that are inherent in traditional blockchains
• Lightweight protocols and algorithms for blockchains in IoT and CPSs
• Solutions for addressing security and privacy concerns in blockchain-based IoT
• Novel theoretical concepts in blockchain for IoT and CPSs
• New consensus mechanisms geared for Blockchain based IoT
• Use cases of blockchains for smart cities, smart grids, smart transportation E-health,
• Use of Smart contracts for IoT and CPSs
• Blockchain based security frameworks for IoT
• Anonymity and privacy solutions for blockchain based IoT and CPS applications
• Testbeds, experiments related to blockchai based IoT

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    May 06



    May 08


  • Jan 31 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Feb 14 2022

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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