AboutCommunication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies; Computing and Processing; Photonics and Electrooptics; Signal Processing and Analysis
Keywords:computer networking,telecommunications,IoT,mobile cellular,optical communications,wireless communications,network design,simulation,systems,applications,security,traffic engineering,network management,software defined networking,cloud,Enterprise networks,privacy,mobile computing,multi-access edge computing,capacity planning,teletraffic,
Scope:With the increasing focus on telecommunication networks and applications, including the advent of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, there has been rapid growth in research into telecommunication networks, security and privacy, data mining, distributed and mobile computing, cognitive computing, cloud computing, tools and applications, system performance and data, computer communications and modelling and simulation. The demand for high quality research outcomes has never been greater. ITNAC has been the forum for researchers and engineers to present and discuss topics related to advanced computing and data communication network technologies, services and applications. Novel contributions are presented in the form of keynote speeches by international experts, peer-reviewed technical papers, and posters. ITNAC 2021 seeks to address and capture highly innovative and state of the art research from academia, industry and standardization bodies.
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ITNAC Advisory Panel

  • Professor Richard Harris - Massey University
  • Associate Professor Mark Gregory - RMIT University
  • Professor Phuoc Tran-Gia - Wuerzburg University
  • Professor Krys Pawlikowski - University of Canterbury

Steering Committee

  • Associate Professor Ron Addie - University of Southern Queensland, AU
  • Professor Adnan Al-Anbuky - Auckland University of Technology, NZ
  • Professor Franco Davoli - University of Genova, Italy
  • Associate Professor Mark Gregory - RMIT University, Melbourne, AU
  • Professor Richard Harris - Massey University
  • Professor Phuoc Tran-Gia - University of Wuerzburg, Germany
  • Dr Jahan Hassan - Central Queensland University, AU

General Co-Chairs

  • Mark Gregory - RMIT University, AU
  • Vijay Sivaraman - UNSW, AU

Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs

  • Khandakar Ahmed - Victoria University, AU
  • Kashinath Basu - Brookes University, UK

Local Organising Committee Chair

  • Mark Gregory - RMIT University, AU

Local Organising Committee

  • Tomotaka Wada - Kansai University, AU
  • Qahhar M Qadir - University of Kurdistan Hewler, Iraq
  • James Kang - Melbourne Institute of Technology, AU
  • Student Members:

    • TBA


  • N/A

Industry Liaison

  • TBA

Publicity Co-Chairs

  • Nazmus Nafi - Victoria Institute of Technology, AU

Publication Chair

  • Leith Campbell - University of Melbourne, AU

TPC Members

  • Chaiyod Addie Australia
  • Iwan Adhicandra Australia
  • Khandakar Ahmed Australia
  • Marco Ajmone Marsan Italy
  • Akram Al-Hourani Australia
  • Rana Alhalaseh Germany
  • Muhammad Arfeen Pakistan
  • Zohaib Awan Germany
  • Anuradha Banerjee India
  • Kashinath Basu United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Arash Behboodi Germany
  • Marek Blok Poland
  • Faycal Bouhafs United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Philip Branch Australia
  • Nevil Brownlee New Zealand
  • Wojciech Burakowski Poland
  • Leith Campbell Australia
  • Sammy Chan Hong Kong
  • Joachim Charzinski Germany
  • Da-Ren Chen Taiwan
  • Luca Chiaraviglio Italy
  • Kwan-Wu Chin Australia
  • Michele Colajanni Italy
  • Frank den Hartog Australia
  • Waleed Ejaz Canada
  • Emhemed Elbakush United Arab Emirates
  • Ernesto Exposito France
  • Maria Julia Fernandez-Getino Garcia Spain
  • Gianluigi Ferrari Italy
  • Markus Fiedler Sweden
  • Paul Fitzpatrick Australia
  • Jing Fu Australia
  • Qiang Fu New Zealand
  • Maurice Gagnaire France
  • Mohit Garg Australia
  • Rosario Garroppo Italy
  • Takoua Ghariani France
  • Mariusz Glabowski Poland
  • Karina Gomez Australia
  • Mingwei Gong Canada
  • Mark Gregory Australia
  • Song Guo Hong Kong
  • Muhammad Asif Habib Pakistan
  • Aun Haider Japan
  • Richard Harris New Zealand
  • Mu He Germany
  • Akbar Hossain New Zealand
  • Honggang Hu P.R. China
  • Zhiyi Huang New Zealand
  • Zbigniew Hulicki Poland
  • Robert Hunjet Australia
  • Zahir Hussain Iraq
  • Salekul Islam Bangladesh
  • Aditya Jagannatham India
  • Abbas Jamalipour Australia
  • Dhammika Jayalath Australia
  • Sana Jokhio Pakistan
  • Sylwester Kaczmarek Poland
  • Rajan Kadel Australia
  • Mohammad Kadhum Canada
  • James Kang Australia
  • Asanka Kekirigoda Australia
  • Ibrahim Khalil Australia
  • Dong-Seong Kim New Zealand
  • Sung-Yeon Kim Korea
  • Alexander Kist Australia
  • Gayathri Kongara Australia
  • Jerzy Konorski Poland
  • Anthony Krzesinski South Africa
  • Puneet Kumar USA
  • Peter Langendoerfer Germany
  • Shuo Li P.R. China
  • Zhen Ling P.R. China
  • Qiang Liu P.R. China
  • William Liu New Zealand
  • Pascal Lorenz France
  • Rongxing Lu Canada
  • Paula Lutui New Zealand
  • Rudolf Mathar Germany
  • Andrew Maxwell Australia
  • Wojciech Mazurczyk Poland
  • Hamid Mcheick Canada
  • Natarajan Meghanathan USA
  • Farah Nadia Mohd Isa Malaysia
  • Huda Adibah Mohd Ramli Malaysia
  • Amirhossein Moravejosharieh New Zealand
  • Kumudu Munasinghe Australia
  • Katrina Neville Australia
  • Lei Pan Australia
  • Pangun Park Korea
  • Krzysztof Pawlikowski New Zealand
  • Harry Perros USA
  • Chaiyod Pirak Thailand
  • Niki Pissinou USA
  • Neeli Prasad USA
  • Rastin Pries Germany
  • Silvano Pupolin Italy
  • Qahhar Qadir Australia
  • Farukh Rahman Australia
  • Raihan Rasool Australia
  • Saeed Rehman New Zealand
  • Joel Rodrigues Brazil
  • Farzad Safaei Australia
  • Nurul Sarkar New Zealand
  • Harsha Sirisena New Zealand
  • Keshav Sood Australia
  • Krzysztof Szczypiorski Poland
  • WanBin Tang P.R. China
  • Halina Tarasiuk Poland
  • Elias Tragos Ireland
  • Ljiljana Trajković Canada
  • Somanath Tripathy India
  • Ming-Fong Tsai Taiwan
  • Kurt Tutschku Sweden
  • Maria Villapol New Zealand
  • Tomotaka Wada Japan
  • Ke Wang Australia
  • Zengfu Wang P.R. China
  • Bob Warfield Australia
  • Xuetao Wei USA
  • Ian Welch New Zealand
  • Andreas Willig New Zealand
  • Bernd Wolfinger Germany
  • Jozef Wozniak Poland
  • Tin-Yu Wu Taiwan
  • Tianhua Xu United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Lina Yao Australia
  • Shui Yu Australia
  • Dong Yuan Australia
  • Chau Yuen Singapore
  • Paul Zanna Australia
  • Yuexin Zhang Australia
  • Liang Zhou P.R. China
  • Thomas Zinner Germany
  • Karla Ziri-Castro Australia
  • Moshe Zukerman Hong Kong
  • Tranos Zuva South Africa
Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Mobile & Wireless Networks

  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Wireless access and routing protocols
  • Cross-layer design optimization
  • Green, energy efficient and sustainable networking
  • Nature and bio-inspired approaches to networking
  • Network-based mobile positioning and tracking
  • Cognitive and cooperative networking
  • Mobile social and ambient networks
  • Delay tolerant networks
  • Mobile and wireless broadband access networks
  • 4G/5G/6G networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Vehicular Ad-hoc networks
  • Cognitive networks

Network Management, Privacy and Security

  • Next generation network regulation
  • Broadband network management
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Key distribution and management
  • Large-scale attacks and defense
  • Security and privacy in wireless networks
  • Network security policy, theory and tools
  • Secure Mobile Agents and Mobile Code
  • Trusted computing and management
  • Security and privacy
  • Network resiliency and network security
  • Cyber-security and cyber-crime

Internet Technologies and Applications

  • Network modeling and simulation
  • Software defined networking
  • Smart Cities and Smart Grids
  • Traffic engineering, congestion and admission control
  • Content delivery networking
  • Datacenter networks and Cloud Computing
  • Sustainable networking
  • Peer-to-peer networks and overlays
  • Novel network-enabled applications and services
  • Future Internet routing schemes or transport concepts
  • IPv6 and future network addressing
  • High performance network virtualization
  • Networking standards and regulations
  • QoS/QoE provisioning and resource management

Optical Networking and Applications

  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Optical switching and routing
  • Optical Network on Chips
  • Visible light communication
  • Optical Ethernet, EPON/GPON, 100Gb/s Ethernet
  • WDM Access Networks, WDM-PON
  • Wired/wireless convergence, Telecom/broadcast convergence, IPTV
  • Optical-wireless access networks, Radio-over-fiber
  • Large capacity optical transmission, WDM, OTDM
  • OFDM and advanced modulation in photonics
  • Energy efficient optical networks


Submitted manuscripts should be written in English conforming to the standard IEEE templates. We invite the following two types of submissions: 

Full Papers (6 pages complementary, and up to 8 pages with over length charge) and

Short Papers (3 pages complementary and up to 4 pages with over length charge).

All paper submissions must represent original and unpublished work.

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    Nov 24



    Nov 26


  • Sep 15 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Sep 25 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Oct 16 2021

    Final Paper Deadline

  • Nov 26 2021

    Registration deadline

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