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Culture-oriented science & technology is a systematic and comprehensive discipline that applies the theories and methods of modern science and technology to the development of cultural innovation. Generally, it specifically refers to the related science & technology that can directly serve, participate in and support the performance and reproduction of cultural content. Facing all aspects of cultural creation, production, dissemination, service, consumption and reproduction, cultural-oriented science & technology focuses on providing exquisite, accurate and high-quality technical support services for cultural development, and cultivating and leading the development of new cultural formats.

The orientation of cultural-oriented science & technology is to promote the innovation and development of modern culture as the driving force. Supported by high and new technologies such as network, information, materials and manufacturing, it integrates cultural elements such as aesthetics, art, design and communication, and serves the performance and presentation of cultural content, the perception and consumption of the audience, and the management and service of government administration. At the same time, it promotes the development and progress of cultural-oriented science & technology, and realizes the deep integration and innovative development of culture, science & technology and economic society.

Against this background, the International Conference on Culture-oriented Science & Technology (ICCST) aims to provide an international academic exchange platform with the theme of “cultural and technological integration” for the majority of culture-oriented scientific people, culture-oriented scientific research institutions, related universities, and international culture-oriented science & technology enterprises.


Conference Chairs:

Shuwu Zhang, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Wei Jiang, Communication University of China, China

Program Committee Chairs:

Chien Aun Chan, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Zhe Li, Osaka University, Japan

Ming Yan, Communication University of China, China

Organization Committee Chairs:

Jie Liu, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Guixuan Zhang, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Jingjing Zhang, Communication University of China, China

Technical Program Committee Chairs:

Yichun Zhang, China institute of arts science & technology, China

Liqun Liu, Wuhan University, China

Yujian Jiang, Communication University of China, China

Zhi Zeng, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Baoning Niu, Taiyuan University of Technology

Publication Committee Chairs:

Ying Huang, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Jinbao Song, Communication University of China, China

Zhenhua Tan, Northeastern University

Feng Xue, Hefei University of Technology

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

ICCST 2021 aims to culture-oriented science & technology, intelligent theory and technology, social media and technology, big data, VR/AR, digital media engineering, immersive experience technology, etc. This conference will present and share the results of current research efforts in this field and future problems arising from the application of related technologies. The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to the following topics:

Submission Topics

1. Basic service technology in the cultural field

1.1 Cultural value mining

1.2 Cultural big data

1.3 Digital copyrights services

1.4 Cultural service evaluation

1.5 Cultural service credit

1.6 Cultural statistics and surveys

1.7 Cultural trusted networks and computing

2.Cultural communication theory

2.1 Recommendation algorithm

2.2 Propagation model prediction

2.3 Tamper proof technology

2.4 Game confrontation

3. Intelligent technology in the cultural field

3.1 Cognitive intelligence

3.2 Language intelligence

3.3 Audiovisual intelligence

3.4 AI Cultural creation

3.5 Data intelligence

4. Immersion technology in the cultural field

4.1 Experience science (Holographic image)

4.2 AR / VR

4.3 5G / 6G + Ultra HD

4.4 Intelligent interaction

4.5 Game confrontation (Virtual interactive game)

4.6 Virtual simulation

4.7 Art calculation

5. Integration technology and system in the cultural field

5.1 Cultural performing arts

5.2 Radio, film and television

5.3 Digital publishing

5.4 Public cultural services

5.5 Cultural heritage

5.6 Cultural tourism

5.7 Creative design

5.8 Cultural equipment

5.9 Cultural internationalization

6. New technologies and services in web culture

6.1 Media convergence

6.2 Network audiovisual

6.3 Knowledge services

6.4 Mobile SNS

6.5 Cloud acting

6.6 E-sports



All the authors are requested to submit their papers electronically in PDF format via the ICCST 2021 EasyChair submission.

The technical papers will be accepted up to 6 pages formatted in standard IEEE conference format. 

All papers must be written in English.

All papers will be evaluated based on their novelty, fundamental insight, experimental evaluation, and potential for long-term impact; new-idea papers are encouraged.

All accepted papers will be submitted to IEEE for publication at IEEE Xplore and then submitted for possible indexing through the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index, EI Compendex, etc.

Selected papers will be recommended for publication in the SCI journal Security and Communication Networks (Impact Factor: 1.288).

Note: Indexing services are provided by independent organizations, and Conference Publishing Services (CPS) cannot guarantee that any particular abstract or index entry will be included in EI Compendex or any other indexing service.

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 18



    Nov 21


  • Jun 15 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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