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Keywords: Advanced Robotics, Robot architectures, Robot design, Wheeled robots, Areal Robots, Underwater Robots, Soft Robots, Medical Robots, Swarms, Parallel Robots, Reconfigurable Robots, Entertainment Robots, Multi-robot Systems, AI reasoning methods, Cognitive Robots, Brain Machine Interfaces, Sending and Sensor Fusion, Robot Kinematics and Dynamics, Rescue Robots, Teleoperation, Learning and Adaptation, Autonomous Navigation, Robot Vision, Visual Servoing, Force and Tectile Sensing, OPtimization and Optimal Control, Grasping,
Scope: Robotics is a broad multidisciplinary field where new ideas meet and confront each other and where new questions are asked, which open the door to completely new trends and development opportunities. Due to today’s exceptional technological possibilities and advances in artificial intelligence, robotics is taking enormous steps forward. ICAR has positioned itself on the edge between the seen and the unseen, between the known and the unknown. With original contributions, new ideas and views, ICAR pushes the boundaries of robotics and sets new research areas in robotics science and technology.
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Conference Co-Chairs

Jadran Lenarčič, J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Paolo Fiorini, University of Verona, Italy

Steering Committee

Jorge Angeles (Canada)
Mario Campos (Brasil)
Alicia Casals (Spain)
Paolo Dario (Italy)
Aydan Erkmen (Turkey)
Blake Hannaford (USA)
Gerd Hirzinger (Germany)
Oussama Khatib (USA)
Maarja Kruusmaa (Estonia)
Sukhan Lee (South Korea)
Max Meng (China)
Urbano Nunes (Portugal)
Erwin Prassler (Germany)
Imre Rudas (Hungary)
Giuglio Sandini (Italy)
Alfredo Weitzenfeld (USA)

Program Committee

Aleš Ude (Slovenia), Programme Chair

Alin Olimpiu Albu-Schäffer (Germany)
Tamim Asfour (Germany)
Antonio Bicchi (Italy)
Hermann Bruyninckx (Belgium)
Raja Chatila (France)
I-Ming Chen (Singapore)
Gordon Cheng (Germany)
Greg Chirikijan (USA)
Rudiger Dillmann (Germany)
Sami Haddadin (Germany)
Danica Kragic (Sweden)
Vijay Kumar (USA)
Marko Munih (Slovenia)
Jean-Pierre Merlet (France)
Jun Morimoto (Japan)
Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli (Italy)
Frank Park (South Korea)
Stéphane Régnier (France)
Bruno Siciliano (Italy)
Roland Siegwart (Switzerland)
Carme Torras (Spain)
Marcus Vincze (Austria)

Regional Organizing Committee

Bojan Nemec, Organizing Chair
Andrej Gams, Publishing Chair (Slovenia)

Jan Babič (Slovenia)
Miha Deniša (Slovenia)
Miha Dežman (Slovenia)
Paolo Gallina (Italy)
Michael Hofbauer (Austria)
Kosta Jovanović (Serbia)
Roman Kamnik (Slovenia)
Igor Kovač (Slovenia)
Tadej Petrič (Slovenia)
Ivan Petrović (Croatia)
Aleksandar Rodić (Serbia)
Leon Žlajpah (Slovenia)

Editorial Board

Matjaž Mihelj, Editor-in-Chief (Slovenia)

Associate Editors
to be nominated

Conference Secretary

Alenka Kregar
Congress Centre Cankarjev Dom

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

ICAR topics of interest include but are not limited to:

robot architectures, mechanism design, robot operating systems, simulation and visualization, wheeled robots, unmanned aerial robots, underwater robots, humanoid and biologically-inspired robots, soft robots, service robots, medical robots, parallel robots, robot swarms, search and rescue robots, medical and rehabilitation robots, reconfigurable robotic systems, entertainment robotics, multi-robot systems, robotic assembly systems, robot kinematics, dynamics, and control, optimization and optimal control, motion and path planning, grasping, dexterous manipulation, mobile manipulation, human-robot interaction, teleoperation, learning and adaptation, AI reasoning methods, cognitive robotics, brain-machine interfaces, autonomous navigation, simultaneous localization and mapping, robot vision, RGB-D perception, visual servoing, force and tactile sensing, sensor fusion


Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality papers representing original work. Please submit papers via PaperPlaza:

Format Guidelines – LaTex Template – MS Word Template

Papers should be 6 pages in length (including references), with up to 2 extra pages (180 EUR charge per extra page). All papers must be in English and submitted in PDF format (up to 6 MB) via PaperPlaza. To ensure formatting compliance the templates should be used. It is anticipated, as peer-reviewed archival publications, all accepted papers will be hosted on IEEE Xplore.

A 1-minute video (up to 10 MB) can be added to supplement your paper. Videos are not mandatory. MPG, MPEG or MP4 video formats can be used.

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    Dec 06



    Dec 10


  • Jul 15 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Sep 30 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Oct 15 2021

    Final Paper Deadline

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