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In this modern era of networking and communication technologies, both the things and people are connected with each other via internet. However, the communication, data management and security are emerging as a common research consideration to maintain the communication interoperability and reliability. In recent years, Internet of Things (IoT) is envisioned as a next big revolution in networks and communication by connecting the things to the internet via heterogeneous access networks that are enabled by various technologies such as wireless sensor networks, sensing & actuation, cyber physical systems, real-time web services and so on. With the huge number of objects/things/people connected to the internet, it becomes more important to collect the valuable information in an efficient way. This demands for the new research innovations in the emerging communication and networking technologies. In the aforementioned perspective, this International Conference on IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (ISMAC 2021) aims to showcase the state-of-the-art research advances in the emerging communication architecture, protocols, services and applications.


Chief Patrons

Dr. S. Cletus Babu, Founder & Chairman, SCAD Group of Institutions, India.
Dr. X. Amali Cletus, Vice Chairperson, SCAD Group of Institutions, India.
Mr. C. Arun Babu, Managing Director, SCAD Group of Institutions, India.
Dr. K. Jeyakumar, Professor & General Manager (Development)SCAD Group of Institutions, Tirunelveli, India.


Dr. N. Maheshkumar, Principal, SCAD Institute of Technology, Palladam, Tamilnadu, India.

Conference Chair

Dr. V. Sudha, Professor and Head, Dept of Electrical and Electronics Engg, SCAD Institute Of Technology, Palladam, India.

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

The potential research contributions should have relevance, novelty, and significant real-time impact on enhancing the IoT applications in terms of its heterogeneity, scalability, and integrity within the intelligent systems. The potential research topics are mentioned below, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Wireless Communication and Automation

Wireless communication theory and standardization
Sustainable and energy efficient wireless networks
Security and privacy of wireless networks
Cognitive wireless communications
Future wireless communication services and applications
5G-and-beyond wireless networks

Track 2: Internet of Things [IoT] Technologies

Data science for Internet of Things [IoT]
Decentralized and distributed communication infrastructures
Low-latency and high reliability wireless communications
Edge and cloud computing for Internet of Things [IoT]
Internet of Connected Things and Internet of People
Blockchain for secured IoT infrastructures
Intelligent Internet of Things
Social Internet of Things and web intelligence

Track 3: Data Science and Engineering

Network mining technologies
Intelligent information retrieval techniques
Big data analytics in IoT infrastructures
Data driven IoT services and models
Adaptive data mining algorithms and models
Data mining based edge IoT systems
Information and data semantics for IoT models
Data mining for cybersecurity

Track 4: Sensors, Circuits, and Systems

Advances sensors and social sensing technologies
Sensors and machine vision for automated IoT systems
Advanced sensing and autonomous sensors fusion
Smart interface circuits for IoT systems
Fault diagnosis and interconnected systems
Artificial Intelligence-driven smart sensing techniques
Multi-mode sensor fusion techniques
Embedded sensors for intelligent IoT systems

Track 5: Robotics and Automation

Mobile Internet of Things models and architectures
IoT based wearable robotics
Autonomous and networked robotic systems
Human-machine interaction
Multimodal robotics and interactivity for intelligent IoT environments
Mobile platform for autonomous IoT systems
Performance evaluation methods
Reliable and fault-tolerant design solutions
Cloud based IoT and automation models
Intelligent coordination and control in IoT environments

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 11



    Nov 13


  • Aug 20 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Sep 17 2021

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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